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Cowboy Fans Just Got Hit With Their Worst Nightmare

The Dallas Cowboys choked in the playoffs once again, losing to the Green Bay Packers 48-32, and that might not be the worst thing to happen to Cowboy fans this week. 

Head coach Mike McCarthy has been rumored to be on a scorching seat after their embarrassing loss on Sunday, but that seat was drenched with a bunch of ice cubes because, on Wednesday night, reports came out that McCarthy will be back with the team in 2024. 

I'm sorry, but McCarthy can't be the head coach moving forward and after your embarrassing loss to a Green Bay Packers team that has a first-year starting quarterback, Jordan Love, a bunch of young weapons on offense, and a defense that isn't the best, you can't come back from that. 

Jerry Jones needs to ask himself if McCarthy will be fired tomorrow. How many NFL teams would be in line waiting to hire him, and that answer would be zero? 

If your head coach won't get another NFL head coaching job, you have the wrong coach, and McCarthy is no longer the answer. 

The mighty Cowboys were great at home all year and had no pulse on the road, so playing the Packers at home should have been an easy win, but it's always challenging with McCarthy as your head coach. 

What does the team do well? Score a bunch of points at home and then lay down and die when they face an okay opponent on the road. 

This is a perfect time for Jerry Jones to splash and hire Bill Belichick. 

I wonder if Belichick would take the job because Jones has a say in the football operation, and who knows if Belichick would want that. But few great jobs are open, like the Cowboys, and Belichick will be 72 this year, so he can't sit around and wait. 

I'm shocked that the organization thinks running it back one more year with McCarthy is a good idea. He will be fired next year. The Cowboys are going to waste the 2024 season. 

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