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Could The Vikings Be Targeting A New Great Quarterback From The SEC?

It’s draft week, and the rumors are going to start flying like crazy let’s head to Minnesota to talk about a rumor that could happen during the first round on Thursday night.

Peter King’s mock draft for Football Moring in America has the Vikings taking Florida’s quarterback Anthony Richardson with pick number 23.

The Vikings could be ready to move from quarterback Kirk Cousins in the next few years, and drafting Richardson could be a possible replacement.

Richardson has been getting huge hype during the draft process and was even rumored to go number one at some point.

The Vikings most likely will have to move up to be able to draft Richardson because him lasting until 23 probably is very unlikely. There are a handful of teams that are looking for a quarterback, and he could be gone in the top 10.

Is Cousins Done With The Vikings?

It looks like it could be the end of the road for Cousins in Minnesota after this season and letting a guy like Richardson sit behind him would be a good thing.

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I’m not saying this is Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes but Mahomes benefited a lot from sitting behind a guy like Smith for a season and Richardson could do the same thing.

The Vikings are coming off a 13-4 season and a loss in the wild-card round at home, and they might be able to repeat as NFC North champs. The Green Bay Packers have no idea what is going on, the Chicago Bears are still going to stink, and the Detroit Lions decided they wanted to gamble instead of playing football.

Cousins could lead this team back to another postseason and then turn the keys over to Richardson next season.

I think the Vikings could easily make a run at quarterback in the draft or trade for a guy like Trey Lance.


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