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Could The Rams Be Targeting This Falling Elite Player?

The Los Angeles Rams are scheduled to make their first selection in the 2023 NFL Draft Friday night at pick 36, and there is a name that could be very intriguing to the Rams.

Kentucky quarterback Will Levis is still sitting on the draft board after falling out of the first round. Levis was once rumored to go number one overall, and he couldn’t even get selected in round one.

Could Levis End Up In Los Angeles?

Former Rams offensive coordinator Liam Coen who was Levis’s offensive coordinator at Kentucky stated “Whoever gets this kid is going to get the steal of the draft. I can’t imagine him having to wait around long.”

Text from Kentucky offensive coordinator Liam Coen on his old QB Will Levis, still available headed into Round 2: "Whoever gets this kid is going to get the steal of the draft. I can’t imagine him having to wait around long." Steelers have heard from 4 teams on the 32nd pick. — Albert Breer (@AlbertBreer) April 28, 2023

Coen probably still stays in touch with Rams personnel, and there is a chance that Levis will be heading to the city of stars.

Los Angeles still has starting quarterback Matt Stafford, but he was close to retiring after missing games last season due to injuries. Stafford has already had back and neck issues and might not have many more years left in the league.

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This would be a perfect fit for Levis. He would be able to sit behind a true pro in Stafford for a season or two and then take over the keys to the team. He will have one of the best offensive minds in the sport in head coach Sean McVay.

The Rams might have to trade up a few spots to draft Levis since teams could be ready to jump up and trade for him.

Levis was the story of the draft after falling out of the first round, but if he ends up in the perfect place, he will be the one laughing at everyone else.



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