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Could The Patriots Target This First Round Quarterback?

With the Bears having the number one overall pick, signs may be pointing to them drafting Caleb Williams, which would put their former starter Justin Fields on the trade block. Should the Patriots take a flier on Fields or draft Jayden Daniels?

Patriots Need To Evaluate Jayden Daniels Thoroughly

With New England currently at pick three, there is a good chance Caleb Williams and Drake Maye have already been selected. This would leave Jayden Daniels as a potential long-term solution at quarterback. 

Jayden Daniels is an elite running quarterback who has good accuracy and the ability to create big plays, which is exactly what the Patriots need. Daniels's arm talent isn't as high as the quarterbacks before him, but his ability to extend plays and run gives him good NFL upside. Daniels finished 2023 with 40 touchdowns to just four interceptions. He also rushed for over 1,000 yards.

Surrounding Daniels with a trusted elite receiver is crucial for his development. Jayden Daniels played with one of the best receivers in college football last season in Malik Nabers, and currently New England doesn't have a true receiver on their roster. This off-season could be a turning point for New England. Potential receiving options like Tee Higgins or Michael Pittman Jr, both capable of being 1,000-yard receiving options, would be perfect fits for a young quarterback. 

Justin Fields Has Shown A Lack Of Consistency

While the Bear's lack of stability definitely did not help, Justin Fields hasn't shown consistency in his ability to be a trusted thrower of the football. Fields has dynamic running talent and a big arm, but his accuracy, especially when being pressured, is a concern. Throughout his three years, Fields has thrown a total of 40 touchdowns to 30 interceptions.

Being a former first-round pick, Justin Fields certainly has the potential to have his career resurrected by another team that believes in him, but he's also due for a contract extension. In the NFL, the best time to build a team up is when the quarterback is on a rookie deal or a lower-scale deal, and Jayden Daniels gives New England more time to start putting the pieces together under their new rookie coach, Jerod Mayo.

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