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Could The Packers Trade For This Third Year Explosive Wideout?

It’s no secret that the Green Bay Packers need another option at wide receiver but will the front office make a move? The team must act fast before the November 1st trade deadline with injuries popping up weekly.

The Packers have already missed out on disgruntled wide receiver Robbie Anderson from the Carolina Panthers after he was kicked off the field by his coach in Week six. Then the 15-year veteran DeSean Jackson made news last week by saying that he hasn’t retired and would like to sign with a team. Once again Green Bay was too slow to that party. Will the Packers’ front office make a move at the wide receiver position via trade before the trade deadline or are they too stubborn to change recent history?

Who Could The Packers Realistically Target

As I mentioned already, Robbie Anderson and Desean Jackson are no longer trade targets. The Arizona Cardinals gave the Panthers a couple of late-round draft picks in exchange for Robbie, which the Packers could’ve easily done. The Baltimore Ravens signed 35-year-old DeSean Jackson on October 18th, the Ravens were in need of a wide receiver as well.

Veteran wide receiver Tyler Lockett for the Seattle Seahawks would be a great addition as they semi-rebuild and are heavily committed to DK Metcalf. The Packers could send over a second-round pick if the Seahawks agree to consume part of Lockett’s salary owed in the trade. A similar caliber player in Brandin Cooks could greatly help the Packers. Cooks is currently the number one wideout for the Houston Texans and they are currently fourth in the AFC South so a trade for some draft capital would help them for next season.

Although the Panthers already traded away Robbie Anderson, they could still be in heavy trade mode as they look to rebuild after firing their head coach Matt Rhule. The Panthers’ season is basically over as they have only managed to win one game this season. Wide receiver DJ Moore would be a great fit for the Packers, he’s been a ghost in the passing attack for the Panthers as they swap in a new quarterback each week. DJ would bring an elite presence to the Packers, the Panthers would get compensated with draft capital, and Packers fans can lift their hands off the panic button.

Although the New York Giants are currently 5-1, their streak has to come to an end with all of the injuries they have. In the meantime, Darius Slayton has been rarely used in their new scheme under head coach Brian Daboll. The Packers could trade Amari Rodgers, Juwann Winfree, or just draft capital in exchange for Slayton. Slayton could be a trusted deep threat and help mentor the rookies. Slayton would also come cheap as he’s in the last year of his contract and is owed less than $1 million which would be pro-rated for the Packers.

Why Chase Claypool Is A Great Fit

The Pittsburgh Steelers are currently fourth in the AFC North and their shot at the playoffs is looking dim. After drafting George Pickens in the 2022 NFL draft and Diontae Johnson taking over the top wideout role, Chase Claypool has sizzled out on the new offense with quarterbacks Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett. Claypool wouldn’t necessarily be cheap for a solid 24-year-old that has had two seasons in the NFL but he’d be a speedy target for Aaron Rodgers to target.

In his first two seasons with the Steelers, he’s had over 800 yards and over 100 targets in each season. His catch percentage isn’t the greatest but that was during a carousel of quarterbacks that the Steelers played. Hard to blame him for all of those targets. With the loss of Randall Cobb for two to four weeks, Claypool would be a difference-maker as the Packers look to find their identity on offense. Claypool is still under his rookie deal which is just over $1 million this season and $1.5 million next season. A trade could result in a new contract for Chase as well as a new weapon for Rodgers and the Packers.

If The Packers Do Make A Move, Who Will It Be?

Out of all of these guys, Chase Claypool or Tyler Lockett would make the most sense for the Packers’ needs. Claypool would be the ideal guy based on his youth, speed, and cap hit. Rumors have already swirled about quarterback Aaron Rodgers possibly retiring this year after signing a new contract in the off-season. That could very well happen if the Packers don’t make the playoffs. This makes this season essentially a boom or bust scenario and the front office should be aware of that. Have one last dance and put all of the chips on the table to chase after that ring or do the same thing as every year and lose in the playoffs.

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