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Could The Cavs Trade Donovan Mitchell For This Astonishing Star?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

The Cleveland Cavaliers had a great 2022-2023 regular season but had a very disappointing postseason when they fell to the New York Knicks in five games.

Star guard Donovan Mitchell has only spent one season in Cleveland, and it might be his only one.

Mitchell has two years left on a contract before he can exercise a player option which he will probably opt out of and become a free agent.

Many wonder if he will leave Cleveland and join the New York Knicks. He is from the New York area and the Knicks were the main team that was trying to trade for him before the Cavs acquired him.

Brown To The Cavs?

If the Cavs wanted to move Mitchell this offseason a name that will be brought up is for Boston Celtics guard Jaylen Brown.

Brown will turn 27 this October and will be playing on the last year of his contract next season. Brown could request a trade this offseason if the Celtics do not reach their goal of NBA finals.

It seems like Brown has been the odd man out in Boston for a while and his name gets brought up in trade talks a lot and was even brought up in trade talks last summer that would’ve brought Kevin Durant to Boston and Brown to Brooklyn, but the trade never happened.

If Brown were to request a trade, I’m sure Boston would call the Cavs and see if Mitchell is available. Brown would have to agree on a new contract, so I don’t see him coming to Cleveland as a real possibility but it’s rumor season and it was something to get the mind thinking.


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