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Could The Browns Be Looking To Make A Move For These Star Players?

The Cleveland Browns had a huge upset win against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, so why not keep this high going and add more stars to this team?

Brown's defense has been excellent to start the year, and it should continue moving forward, but the offensive side of the ball still has its worries.

The offense lost the best running back in football, Nick Chubb, to a season-ending knee injury in Week Two, and before that, they also lost their starting right tackle, Jack Conklin, to a season-ending injury in Week One.

Quarterback Deshaun Watson has missed the last two games with a shoulder injury, but there is belief he could return very soon.

The Browns went out this off season and traded for New York Jets wide receiver Elijah Moore. Moore was supposed to be a massive weapon and could still be, but he has yet to live up to the off-season hype.

The Browns are at a point right now where they could very well win the AFC North. That's how talented they are on the defensive side of the ball, but they need a little more pep in their step on offense, and one or two of these names could be heading toward the shores of Lake Erie.

Garett Bolles

The Denver Broncos sit with a record of 1-5, and their season is done. They are looking to rebuild this roster and have two guys who could be on the move this trade deadline.

The Browns currently have Jedrick Wills as their starting left tackle, and we all know about the Wills experience. Sometimes, Wills looks like he could be a franchise tackle, and then he has moments where he shouldn't be on the field.

Bolles would be an upgrade over Wills, but it will be hard to add by contract. Bolles to this roster moving forward.

Wills had his fifth-year option picked up back in April so he will be due around 16 million next season, and if he is cut, he will have a dead cap of 16 million, which is not good.

Bolles is due 17 million dollars this season, more than 20 million next year, but he does have a dead cap room of four million if he is cut next season.

I don't think the Browns would give up some valuable draft picks to have Bolles play the rest of this season and then move on from him.

Adding Bolles is more of a dream than a reality, but it's always good to dream occasionally.

Jerry Jeudy

The other Bronco who could be on the move is wide receiver Jerry Jeudy. Jeudy is in his fourth season out of Alabama, and he was supposed to be a star coming into the league, but it just hasn't happened yet, and at this point, it probably won't

Jeudy needs to change scenery, and Cleveland could be a good fit. The Browns need to add another receiver to the roster, and why not take a chance on a guy with talent? It just needs to come out of him.

The Browns do not have a good track record of drafting wide receivers, so why not trade for one like they needed when they acquired Moore?

Jeudy can help the team this season and next before his contract is up, and he could be a perfect addition to this roster.

Believe it or not, the Browns could be a serious contender, and I think a move at the deadline could get them to be one of the favorites in the AFC.

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