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Could New York Giants Sign This Pro Bowl Running Back?

The New York Giants are entering a big off-season after finishing 6-11 and missing the National Football League playoffs for the sixth time in seven seasons. There are so many questions that the team will answer. Some of these include, "What is Daniel Jones' future in the Big Apple?", "How will the offensive line be rebuilt?" and "How soon will the Giants compete again in the NFC?" But one big question on everyone's mind is the future of 2018 second-overall pick running back Saquon Barkley. The 27-year-old and the team had trouble working on a new deal which led to Barkley getting the franchise-tag from the New York Giants. But if the two part ways this off-season and Barkley goes into free agency and signs elsewhere, who will take over the G-Men backfield?

The New York Giants could be interested in Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt. Behind Barkley, there was not much experience at running back with backup Matt Breida only rushing for 151 yards. Every quarterback on the Giants roster (Daniel Jones, Tyrod Taylor, and Tommy Devito) had more rushing yards in 2023. Adding Hunt would bring depth and experience to the running back room.

Kareem Hunt Would Help Out Young Running Backs

The Cleveland Browns are not expected to re-sign 28 year-old running back Kareem Hunt this offseason when his contract expires per Mary Kay Cabot of The former Kansas City Chiefs draft pick was a superstar in his rookie season, but due to an off-field incident he was released in 2018 by the Chiefs and signed by Cleveland in 2019. He has been the Browns primary backup to superstar running back Nick Chubb and has seen some starts when Chubb was out with injury.

The Giants running back room includes 24-year-old Eric Grey (2023 5th-round pick), 25-year-old Gary Brightwell (2021 6th-round pick) and 23-year-old Jashaun Corbin (2022 undrafted free-agent). While the team may draft a running back in the 2024 NFL Draft, adding Hunt would allow the team not to have to rush in that rookie and give the G-Men an experienced starter/backup for at least one year. Also, Hunt might be cheaper than most other running back options as well.

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