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Could Michigan Be Losing Their Talented Coach?

The 2022 College Football Season ended on New Year’s Eve for the Michigan Wolverines with a loss to the TCU Horned Frogs in the College Football Playoff.

When Michigan’s Football season ends, it usually comes without a championship, and head coach Jim Harbaugh is rumored to take an NFL head coaching job.

Harbaugh spent four seasons as the San Francisco 49ers head coach from 2011-2014 and made it to a Super Bowl, where he lost to his brother John and the Baltimore Ravens.

Harbaugh was looking to take an NFL job last season, and he and the Minnesota Vikings were close before they decided to hire Kevin O’Connell.

Harbaugh is always rumored to jump from college back to the NFL, and it is a report that is getting more exhausting each year.

Harbaugh Should Not Leave

He needs to stay at Michigan and keep up the success going on the last two seasons. Michigan has beaten Ohio State the previous two years, won two Big Ten Championships, and made it two straight College Football Playoffs.

Michigan hasn’t won a playoff game yet, and the loss against TCU was shocking since Michigan was the better team going into the game nobody can deny that. Still, this program was far from sniffing a playoff game two years ago, and Harbaugh has turned it around and made it the best team in the Big Ten.

Where Could He Go?

If Harbaugh were to jump ship and go to the NFL, the team that makes the most sense and has gotten the most buzz is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts fired their head coach Frank Reich earlier in the season and then replaced him with their former center and ESPN analyst Jeff Saturday which has been a disaster. Colts owner Jim Irsay is a little crazy and will want to make a big swing for a head coach this off-season.

Harbaugh played quarterback for the Colts from 1994-1997 so coming back to coach his former team is something Harbaugh knows a lot about since he did it with Michigan.

I won’t believe that Harbaugh will take an NFL head coaching job until he does since, we hear this story every year; staying in Michigan should be the right move, and he should continue to build this program.


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