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Could Mayo's Former Teammate Fill New England's OC Position?

Jerod Mayo may not have an extensive contact list of offensive-minded coaches to pull from to be New England's offensive coordinator, but that doesn't mean he is out of options. One of his former Patriots' teammates could be an excellent choice to bring in for that position.

It is someone who has experience in a flashy modern-day offense but has to be looking for a promotion. Although he's never called plays at an NFL level with the complete rebuild that New England is going through, it is time to take a risk and possibly find a tremendous offensive mind for the future of the Patriots.

Could Mayo Recruit Wes Welker To Be The New OC?

Before anyone freaks out and compares him to Troy Brown as another ex-player who only knew the Belichick way of doing things, let's look at his résumé. He spent two years in Houston (2017-2018) as an offensive assistant coach, where DeShaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins had one of the best connections in football. Granted, this is in a Bill O'Brien system, which didn't work for the Patriots this past season.

After that, Welker became a Wide Receiver coach with Kyle Shanahan in San Fran. They won many games together and came up just short of a Super Bowl victory. That is not as important as what he learned about the West Coast offense, how to design a dominant scheme, and how to utilize that scheme to maximize the players' potential. If the Patriots want a modern offense, they must bring in people who have seen it firsthand.

After three seasons in San Fran, Mike McDaniel was hired to be the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins, and he brought Wes along with him to be his WR coach where they have had one of the most explosive and creative offensive systems in the league for the last two years. He has had exposure to another great play designer.

Why Would Wes Be Fit For New England?

He clearly knows high-functioning offenses since he has helped build them with some excellent play-callers. He specializes in developing WR talent, which the Patriots desperately need to capitalize on.

The most significant question mark on Wes is whether he would be ready to step up and call plays for an NFL franchise. If New England was a team trying to win the Super Bowl in 2024, this might not work, but since the roster and staff need to be rebuilt, it is a perfect opportunity to see if he has what it takes.

Welker and Mayo played together for most of Jerod's career, so they know each other; the two might not be best friends, but there is at least a familiar connection between them. This would also remove a piece from Miami's offensive coaching staff that can't hurt.

End Of Rant

The search for the next offensive coordinator will determine so much about this new era of New England Patriots football. Wes Welker checks a lot of boxes except for playcalling experience; while he lacks that, he has been a part of the National Football League for nearly 20 years. He has a relationship with Mayo and has been a part of two of the most highly-rated offensive units in the last decade.

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