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Could Former All-Pro Superstar Sign With Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been in the news lately as former All-Pro running-back Le'Veon Bell has speculated that he wants to make a return to the NFL. He announced that he plans to try to make a comeback in the spring, but will only sign for one team. While Bell did not announce that team, it is widely speculated that he wants a return to Pittsburgh, where he was most successful from 2013-2018. Bell had stints with the New York Jets, Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers since, where he has not rushed for 1,000 yards since after having three 1,000-yard campaigns in the Steel City.

Could Le'Veon Bell Make A Pittsburgh Steelers Comeback?

Le'Veon Bell was famously apart of the "Killer Bs" back in the 2010s Steelers era. He alongside quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and wide receiver Antonio Brown were regarded as one of the best trios in the league. Despite the group never winning a Super Bowl, the team dominated the AFC North and came up short multiple times before disbanding in 2019. Brown was traded to the Las Vegas Raiders while Bell signed with the New York Jets after holding out from the Steelers. Bell rushed for over 4,000 total yards in his Steelers tenure.

While Bell may want to comeback to Pittsburgh, will the Steelers entertain the offer? They have two successful running backs in in former first-round pick Najee Harris and breakout star Jaylen Warren. Warren rushed for 784 yards and four touchdowns while Harris also rushed for 1,035 yards and eight touchdowns. But Bell could be good insurance for the Steelers offense now led by former Falcons' coach Arthur Smith. Although Bell has not cracked 500 yards combined since 2020, maybe returning to his former team could help Bell make a final successful comeback in the NFL.


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