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Could Bills QB Josh Allen Be An MVP Candidate?

The Turnover Problems

The Bills have had a tumultuous season thus far, losing games against teams they had no business to and leading to a 7-6 record. Through all of that, Josh Allen is still having an elite season. Much will be mentioned about the turnovers, which matter but have become more of a talking point than they should be.

Allen is currently tied for first in the league with 17 total turnovers (14 interceptions, 3 fumbles). However, he also leads the league in total yards (3,821) and total touchdowns (35). Josh has a +18 touchdown to turnover margin which is second best in the NFL behind only Dak Prescott. Turnovers matter and Allen has a play style that can often attributed to turnovers more often than others. That being said, the turnovers have played a much smaller part this season than it would seem and his positive plays have far outweighed the negative ones.

Josh Allen Carrying The Bills Like An MVP

Josh Allen has played at an MVP level this season and if the Bills can make a run to make the playoffs, he has a case to win the award this season. The 2023 season has yet to have a QB pull so far ahead of the pack to make any obvious MVP favorite. With some luck and Allen continuing to put the team on his back, he could make a real case for being the most important player to their team this season.

Allen has a completion percentage of 66.9% this season, which would be the second highest of his career, and also ranks fifth in the NFL this season. Of his 318 pass attempts, he has a 5.3% touchdown rate; ranking fifth in the NFL. The Bills have the fifth most touchdowns as a team this season with 41. Of the 41, Josh has 85.4% of the touchdowns for Buffalo; 6% higher than the next highest player (Jalen Hurts at 79.5%). This entire Bills offense has run entirely through Josh Allen this season as he's proven to be the biggest reason for their wins and leading to winning games almost single-handedly.

The MVP Field

If there were ever to be a season for any other position than QB to win MVP, this would be it. With Tyreek Hill having 1,542 receiving yards already this season, he's on pace for over 2,000 yards and 15 touchdowns. Tyreek is having a terrific season and it would be hard to deny him contention for the award if the Dolphins can continue to find success to close out this season.

The Dallas Cowboys are having their best season in years in large part because of Dak Prescott. The MVP contender is having an elite season and is currently the only QB with a higher touchdown-to-turnover margin (+23) than Josh Allen. The Cowboys are second in the NFC at 10-. They take on the Bills this week and the matchup could play a huge part in the MVP race.

The 49ers have a loaded roster and are a team that will find themselves deep in the playoffs this season. Brock Purdy had a good rookie season and proved why he belongs in the NFL to continue into this season. He's fourth in the league with 27 total touchdowns and 3,691 total yards. Purdy has the 49ers first in the NFC and in the perfect position to possibly win MVP this season should their success continue.

The Bills need to continue to win games and prove that they belong in the postseason. If Josh Allen can continue to do his part and help this team win big games, along with his league-leading stats, it will be hard to argue that he doesn't deserve the award. Having come in second and third place for the award already in the past, Allen could make this the season to cement a legacy and make strides in continuing to prove his doubters wrong.


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