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Cotton Bowl Was So Bad The Two Best Players In The Game Hit The Transfer Portal

If you watched that epic disaster called the Cotton Bowl on Friday Night between Missouri and Ohio State, then I'm sorry that you lost four hours of your life you will never be able to get back. 

Missouri won 14-3, with 16 punts between both teams. It was so bad to watch, and I wanted to stick forks in my eyes because that would be better than watching Ohio State try to throw the ball more than three yards. 

The two best players in the game were Missouri Punter Riley Williams and Ohio State punter Jesse Mirco. They had enough of their offenses being total garbage, decided they weren't sticking around for next season, and hit the transfer portal.

Both Punters Said I'm Out

They both had to be thinking . We pick these big-time schools, the offenses are supposed to be elite, and our legs are falling off because nobody can get their act together. 

Both guys don't have NFL futures and probably want to be in college, get a degree, be the cool guy playing on the team, get the girls, and go to all the parties and don't actually want to punt. 

Their reality was hit hard on Friday, and I don't blame either of them for wanting to hit the portal. 

If neither goes to Iowa, they might never have to punt that much in a game again. 

I have no idea why these guys want out, and I don't think the Cotton Bowl has anything to do with it, but it is funny that they both leave their schools the day after. 

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