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Congratulations, David Tepper, You Just Won The Most Hated NFL Owner Award

Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper continues to be a clown, and on Sunday, he was seen throwing his drink at Jaguar fans. 

I understand that you own the worst team in the NFL, can't hire a head coach to save your life, and took the wrong rookie quarterback, but throwing your drink at opposing team fans because you have no idea how to run an NFL team is just absolute low. 

It didn't take long for the NFL to find their new evil owner after Commanders owner Daniel Snyder sold his team. 

Carolina is going nowhere with Tepper as their owner, and it will be the same mess every year with him until he sells the team. 

It's not fair to Panther fans. They have this dope running their team, and it's too bad there isn't a rule that we can fire the owner in sports. 

Hang in there, Panthers fans; your owner stinks, you can't find a head coach, rookie quarterback Bryce Young has no help, and you don't have your first-round pick this year. It could be worse, you could live in Detroit. 

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