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Colts: Win Now Or The Future?

How Committed Are The Colts To Winning With Matt Ryan?

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After sitting back and re-evaluating the emotional rollercoaster that was the Colts’ off-season, I’ve been left with mixed feelings and questions. Are we in win-now mode? Are we re-building? Or are we just stuck in some weird limbo trying to have the best of both worlds?

The Off-Season

During the off-season, as usual, the Colts did not make a huge splash. Trading away Carson Wentz was written not only on the walls but on the floor and the ceiling too, leading to the Colts bringing in another down-on-his-luck quarterback in Matt Ryan. This has been the trend in Indianapolis for the past three seasons and we can only pray Ryan is here for at least two seasons. While Ryan is a huge improvement over last season, the offense still feels incomplete and a bit neglected.

A Position Left Wanting

It’s no secret that the weakest position group on the roster is the wide receiver corps. Outside of Michael Pittman Jr, there’s a lot of unproven and unknown. Alec Pierce was drafted in the second round from Cincinnati and Parris Campbell is always injured, and behind them is a list of guys, who hopefully Ryan can elevate. The General Manager, Chris Ballard, seems confident in this group as he has not pursued any veterans, including T.Y. Hilton or even trading a 6th-round pick for Amari Cooper, in the off-season and has now missed out on potentially trading for Terry Mclaurin. With guys like Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, and T.Y Hilton still out there hopefully, we see one last addition to this team.

Big Spending On Defense

Ballard did make a big trade to bring in proven pass-rusher, Yannick Ngakoue. While he didn’t spend big on offense, Ballard did spend on defense, adding players like Stephon Gilmore, Brandon Facyson, and Rodney McLeod. Even after trading for Ngakoue, Ballard continued to add pass-rusher depth to the line-up. Seemingly to give new defensive coordinator, Gus Bradley, all the tools he needs. The defense has been infused with a healthy mix of young talent and veterans, while the offense seems to have taken a back seat and is heavily dependent on Matt Ryan’s success this season.

Final Thoughts

This is what brings me to my final conclusion. This season, to the fans, is a win-now season, and some of the moves made this off-season make it seem like the Colts are in win-now mode. However, other moves like drafting a developmental left tackle, Bernard Raimann, and refusal to sign a veteran receiver say otherwise.

The Colts are caught in limbo, a weird space between winning now and rebuilding, and at this point, Matt Ryan feels like he was brought in to buy time and the Colts are not truly committed to winning with him at quarterback. I’m confident Matt Ryan and the Colts will make the playoffs, but a true Superbowl run may not be in the cards until the Colts find their next franchise quarterback.

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