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Colts’ Week One Game: Is It Time To Panic or Relax?

Fresh off a disappointing tie against the Houston Texans, the Colts have a lot to think about going into not just this week, but the rest of the season. Should they be relaxed and collected or is it time to really worry about what’s next to come?

Football is a game of momentum swings and hot hands, but unfortunately, Sunday afternoon, the Colts just came up too short and too late. While this tie is a breath of fresh air for the Houston Texans, this is about as terrible of a loss as the Colts could ever experience

Reason For The Colts To Panic – Number One

With acquisitions of Matt Ryan and Stephon Gilmore bolstering both sides of the ball, Sunday was supposed to be a drubbing of the Houston Texans. But, that definitely didn’t happen and it greatly raised concerns, notably within the coaching. The Colts have lost the past three games, dating back to last season. Additionally, their last two games included a loss and a tie from teams who, respectfully, have no business scoring three touchdowns against the Colts. We know “every dog has his day”, but apparently, this “dog” had it three consecutive days.

Lovie Smith cites "gassed" defense as reason Texans played for tie vs. Colts: "I felt like a tie was better than a potential loss" — Around The NFL (@AroundTheNFL) September 12, 2022

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Reason For The Colts To Panic – Number Two

Let’s state this again: The Houston Texans had no business leading at any point Sunday afternoon. (Hopefully, fans heard that loud and clear.) Last season had its ups and downs, but these three games are very concerning. With the playmakers the team has across the board, there is no way the Colts should be in a slug fest with the Texans. Is it time to turn the heat up on Frank Reich’s seat?

Reich is a good coach, but how long does the city of Indianapolis have to wait until it receives some real winning consistency? Stating the obvious: yes, the Andrew Luck retirement wasn’t at a good time, but Reich has yet to recover. It’s time to seriously buckle down and starting winning, no matter if it’s a blowout game or an ugly, scrappy game. Winners win and losers will always find a way to lose. This loss isn’t on the players. This is solely on a coaching staff, that should be feeling every amount of heat that can be applied.

Reason For The Colts To Relax

It’s a 17 game season. Any given Sunday, anybody can win. Sunday’s tie (even though it looks worse than what it appears) doesn’t define the season. There’s more than enough time to bounce back. Matt Ryan, Jonathan Taylor and Michael Pittman, Jr. showed that they are more than capable of becoming a nice three-headed-monster, and the defense is in the early stages of becoming a stout group.

Matt Ryan to Michael Pittman Jr. to tie the game! @MikePitt_Jr 📺: #INDvsHOU on CBS 📱: Stream on NFL+ — NFL (@NFL) September 11, 2022

The preseason didn’t allow the team chemistry to mesh together well, but as the season goes along, things should start solidifying even more. For example, one bright spot was defensive end Kwity Paye walking away with two sacks on the day. (He is currently on pace to have 34 sacks.) Thought he might not get that number, this shows some promise to a young career after a subpar rookie campaign. One week down, 16 more to go. This team could easily win 13 out of those 16 games. It’s just the NFL’s nature.

HEAVY HITTERS. 😤 — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) September 12, 2022

In summary, it’s Week One. Take a breath. It’s not the “end of the world”, but it would be a gigantic disappointment if the Colts are 0-1-1 heading into their matchup with the Mahomes led Chiefs.

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