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Colts Spotlight: 2023 Captivating Coach Search

This offseason Jim Irsay and Colts’ front office have their hands full! Searching for a new quarterback, new offensive coordinator, and most importantly head coach. As we’ve seen with some of the new coaches (Brian Daboll, Dan Campbell, Zac Taylor) it’s only a matter of time before things turn around for the better. Whoever comes in to lead this franchise must be filled with determination, grit, and passion. Indy is in somewhat of a rebuild and this task needs to be handled carefully. Here are some of my favorite candidates so far.

Colts Exciting Yet Optimistic 2023 Outlook

New York Giants Offensive Coordinator Coach

Mike Kafka is a young coach who has been around championship organizations. He comes from the Andy Reid coaching tree. Kafka is a budding star who takes charge while also being a student of the game. The Colts will be looking to draft a QB this year and need someone who can help him progress every step of the way. Whether it be CJ Stroud or Will Levis, Kafka will guide these college stars in the right direction.

Yes, he’s only been an offensive coordinator for one year, but he has been around some of the top minds in the league. The trend of young coaches in the NFL seems to be making big splashes. No doubt there needs to be a level of experience to become a head coach in the NFL. Kafka’s track record proves he is stable enough and trusted to handle pertinent assignments essential to the team’s success. Can he be the captain to turn this ship around? In my opinion, why not.

Chiefs Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy

Bieniemy is another coach from the Andy Ried coaching tree. Eric Bieniemy has been a hot topic for head coaching vacancies for the past few years. No question he is a big part of what’s going on in Kansas City. The development of Patrick Mahomes and that offense has been almost transcending. No matter what pieces go missing, this train keeps chugging along and making defenses pay.

There are questions about his past that should not matter. Everyone was once young and made poor choices, but he has done more than enough to change his ways. With such incidents as harassment allegations and bar fights, Bieniemy worked through those tough times and persevered in his coaching journey. From being a college star to being a stellar coach at the colligate and pro level, it’s time to see what he can do at the head of the table!

Colt’s Special Team Coach Dark Horse

Bubba Ventrone is currently the Colt’s special team’s coach. Very well respected in the locker room, Ventrone not only played with passion but he coach’s the same way. Being a former special teamer in the league, Ventrone started out with New England in the 2015 -2017 season as an assistant special team’s coach then came to the Colts in 2018 to be the special team’s coordinator.

Similar to Baltimore’s Coach John Harbaugh, going from special team’s coordinator to head coach can be a big task. I believe he can make the necessary adjustments. Although he may not be considered the best at defense or offense, he can capture the respect of the men and staff in the locker room. Playing with passion and grit can elevate the morale in an organization that will show on the play on the field. Look at Dan Campbell in Detroit, he came with a ridiculous speech when he got hired but has the Lions fighting in each and every game.


The Colts are in a state of limbo right now. No franchise quarterback, quite a few stars in their prime, and also a fan base that has become exhausted with the below-average play that has been coming out of Lucis Oil Stadium in the most recent seasons. Whomever Jim Irsay and Chris Ballard choose to be the head coach have to be ready to build this thing from the ground up. There will be some rough seas ahead, but it can also be rewarding.

Look at what Andy Reid has built in Kansas City, look at what Sean McVay did with the talent in Los Angles, and look at what Zac Taylor is doing with fresh talent in the AFC North. It can be done! The Colts just have to make the correct choice and make sure to give that coach everything he needs to succeed and not handicap him from the start. The Colts can get back to the dominance they had in the 2000s but these next few months will be the glue that holds prosperity together for this franchise.

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