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Colts' Power Play: "On to Cincinnati"

The Indianapolis Colts are on a hot streak! Regardless of quarterback Gardner Minshew's wild play, he's winning. That's all that matters to me. My favorite player, defensive lineman Grover Stewart, is finally back after serving his 6-game suspension for PEDs. However, we have a game against Cincinnati this week and we cannot afford any distractions. The Colts must secure a big win here, especially since we'll be facing Pittsburgh next week- the only team left on our schedule that has a record over .500, aside from the Houston Texans in Week 18.

Back In The Trenches

Saying Grove was missed is an understatement. I believe Derrick Henry's exceptional performance in the game is proof enough. This was only his third time running for over 100 yards this year. If Grover Stewart had been on the defensive line, it would have likely resembled the first game where he only managed to run for 43 yards. I expect Grover Stewart and Deforest Buckner to not only lock down Joe Mixon and Chase Brown.

I have noticed that in the last six games, our defense has been struggling in terms of performance. It seems that teams have been rushing on us an average of 153 yards per game, which is quite absurd. This wasn't the case when Big Grove was on the field. I believe the combination of the youth in the secondary and Grove's absence has led to the defense looking weak and disorganized.

The Unforeseen Showdown

Gardner Minshew going against Jake Browning. Not the matchup anyone wanted or expected, but the one we deserved. When we talked pre-season most said this was a definite loss, I knew that weird feeling was right. We may not have beaten the Jaguars, but we will beat the team that ended their season last week when Trevor Lawerance went down. To me everything went right for Browning last week he even scored a rushing touchdown. I don't think that happens this week. we get pressure on him and contain the run game we easily win this game.


In conclusion, the Colts keep winning, no matter how ugly we play we find ways to win. Which is what makes a great team. No one believed we would make it this far. We only need five more wins to clinch the division. However, there are exactly 5 games left. We must remain focused and take it one game at a time. We know we have the talent and the guts to beat a depleted Bengals team. Despite the media underestimating us, I am confident that we will come out victorious. My final prediction for the game is that the Colts will win with a score of 24-13.


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