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Colts Notebook: Which Critical Players Will Have An Eye-Opening Week Six?

In Week Six, the Colts are home against the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is a must-win game, and to win, two players need to bring it.

The last time these two team met the score was lopsided, and it was a dominating effort by the Jags as they beat the Colts 24-0. Two players were missing in that game: Shaquille Leonard and Jonathan Taylor. Leonard was still out due to injury, and Taylor was seemingly phased out, only having nine carries in the contest. Taylor was also out in Week Five due to an ankle injury, but will look to suit up and redeem himself against the Jags. Leonard seems to be on the same page as he battles with a concussion and broken nose. These two can make a difference on the field.

Colts Jonathan Taylor Rights The Wrongs of Week Two’s Performance

Jonathan Taylor is undeniably a star in this league. Stars shine the brightest if you focus on them. In the last game against the Jaguars, Taylor had nine attempts for 54 yards. Taylor has been trying his best to produce, but rushing behind one of the NFL’s worst offensive lines doesn’t help his cause. Additionally, going up against one of the league’s top rush defenses is a challenge all in it’s own.

A talent like Taylor can work through tough situations (with some help from the offensive line) and will try to redeem himself in this Week Six matchup. Look for Taylor to carry the ball 15-20 times and have a total of 100 yards receiving and rushing. Taylor’s fully capable of having a big game against this team as he’s done it before with some success.

Not a bad way to secure your first 200 yard game. @JayT23 | #JAXvsIND 📺 CBS — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) January 4, 2021

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Shaquille Leonard Looks To Lead Colts Defense

Although the Jaguars’ offense is not that much of a threat, they did score 24 points against the Colts in Week Two. (The team has a running back duo that combined for 80 yards and one touchdown. Even Evan Engram showed up, scoring twice.) Just Leonard’s presence alone will change the dynamic of the game, as well as his unique turnover ability. If Leonard suits up for this Week Six battle, look for him to lead the charge and help secure a win in Indy.

Darius Leonard with the peanut punch 👊 (via @Colts) — NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) September 12, 2021

Having these two back on the field in Week Six will not guarantee a victory, but it puts the Colts in a better position to win. Wins in divisional games are hard to come by. With the Colts being down 0-2-1 in the AFC South, every one of these last three division games count. Taylor can give the offense some confidence knowing he’s in the backfield. Leonard can hype up the defense with his return and his attitude. Let’s see if they can make a difference in Week Six.

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