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Colts Notebook: Can The Colts Re-Energize The Agonizing Season?

The 2022 season has not started the way many would have thought. The inconsistencies in the offensive line and questionable coaching decisions have plagued the team. The season is over a quarter of the way done, and the games will get tougher from here. What spark is needed to get the Colts back on track?

The glaring problem for this year’s Colts team is the offensive line. Whether it is scheme or personnel, something has to change. The offensive line is where the game starts and ultimately is decided. If your line is good, you have a higher chance of winning, and of course, the opposite if your line is bad. General Manager Chris Ballard and Head Coach Frank Reich need to decide to bring in talent. The team cannot sustain this type of play for 12 more games and expect to have hopes of the postseason.

Ballard Needs To Reevaluate The Colts’ Left And Righ Tackle Choices

During the offseason, there were many chances to make trades or sign a free-agent offensive lineman. Some notable moves were offensive guard Brandon Scherff being signed by the division rival Jacksonville Jaguars and losing two former Colts’ offensive linemen in Mark Glowinski and Chris Reed to other destinations. Going after Scherff would have given the Colts a savvy veteran with seven years of starting experience. Danny Pinter (the starting right guard for the Colts) is simply inexperienced and has been underperforming.

What’s worse, starting left tackle Matt Pryor has been a below average statue. Ballard drafted Bernhard Raimann (Tackle from Minnesota) earleir this year, and it’s time to see what the young fella has. The offensive line was switched up a bit in the game against the Broncos, having Raimann start at left tackle and Pryor at right tackle. Although it wasn’t a pretty game, Raimann played decently while Pryor stayed consistently bad. A change needs to happen soon or Ballard will be preparing to pick in the top ten picks during the 2023 draft.

Browning's speed also makes him a menace as a wide-9 rusher. This is too much for RT Matt Pryor to handle and Browning dips around the edge for the sack — Jack Brentnall (@Jack_Brentnall) October 9, 2022

Colts’ Heach Coach Frank Reich’s Questionable Coaching Is Warming Up His Seat

With decisions like running a wildcat play on fourth and goal to only running the best running back in the league nine times in a game, Frank Reich has been the subject of scrutiny in the Colts community. (Yes, the players have to execute the plays called, but you also have to know the strengths of your personnel.) Though he is seen as an offensive coach, Reich leaves many points on the field. He underutilizes his big target wide receivers and tight ends and only runs the ball with one running back. (You have to use your playmakers, Frank!)

For example, before his concussion, Nyheim Hines was merely a slot receiver. Hines has a special skill set when utiliized as a reciever, but he is a running back. Furthermore, during the endzone trips, the team should be calling plays to give guys like Alec Pierce, Jelani Woods, and Micheal Pittman, Jr. a fighting chance. (Thankfully, there is hope because we have seen this offense produce when need be.) Frank has to step his game up. Plain and simple.

Is This Colts Figurehead Entering His Last Season?

This season is still salvageable, and we have great potential. Each week, we learn we have playmakers on the roster, but after the starters, who do we have? We need depth! Chris Ballard must fix that. The players, with the help of the staff, need to execute better. As my high school coach always preached “Execution. No Excuses”. Head Coach Frank Reich needs to switch up the game plan. The team has to make better plays to mask deficiencies. Give your rising young talent more opportunities. The Colts are not a bad team, but they clearly have some problems that make it seem this way. The entire organization needs to pull it together and push for greatness.

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