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Colts Mock Draft 2.0

It's hard to be 100% right when doing mock drafts, but I believe the players I have selected for the Indianapolis Colts for the 2024 NF Draft are very talented and we'd be lucky to have them. Some of them are reported to have played well at the Reese's Senior Bowl practice. Some are just positional needs.

First Round Selection

Although there will be many talented players available if a player like Dallas Turner is available when we are selecting at 15, we should choose him. He would be the perfect addition to our Colts team as an edge/linebacker on the other side of Kwity Paye.

I understand that Hurricane Dayo is not a terrible option, but he lacks consistency. On the other hand, Dallas Turner is consistent, explosive, and knows how to get to the quarterback. Additionally, he can also step back in coverage like a corner. In my opinion, he's the perfect pick if available.

Second Round Selection

Ballard trades back! There are numerous talented and underrated players available in this draft. Many players performed exceptionally well at the Senior Bowl, including Patrick Paul, who will still be available after the trade.

I have the Colts trading the 46th and 149th picks to the Cleveland Browns for the 54th pick and a third-round pick next year in the 2025 NFL Draft. The Colts should use the 54th pick to draft Patrick Paul, a standout offensive tackle.

This 2024 draft is filled with exceptional offensive tackles, and Paul is no exception. Standing at 6'7" and weighing 315 pounds, he's a great pass protector. Adding him to our offensive line will not only provide some much-needed competition, but he could also potentially win a starting position.

Third Round Selection

The Colts require better corners to run their current defense effectively. To achieve this, they could draft Khyree Jackson, who is a 6'3" 203-pound corner from Oregon. Jackson has long arms that measure 32 inches, a wingspan of 78 inches, and 8 7/8-inch hands, making him an ideal candidate for the position.

Jackson is known for his speed and runs a 4.4 forty-yard dash. He is the exact type of corner the Colts need to run their defense effectively. Without him, it would be challenging to achieve success, and Bradley's job may be at stake. Therefore, it is crucial to get bigger and better at the corner position.

Fourth Round Selection

Chris Ballard has a strong preference for athletic prospects and the Indianapolis Colts still require additional depth at linebacker. Junior Colson, a former wide receiver who transitioned to the position of linebacker, would be an ideal fit.

Junior stands at 6'3 and weighs 247 pounds. Despite winning a national championship with Michigan, Junior Colson is still projected to be selected in the 4th to 7th round. He is a natural in coverage and boasts impressive ball skills due to his experience as a wide receiver.

Sixth Round Selection

It's safe to say that you can never have too many running backs in the NFL. I believe that picking Kimani Vidal from Troy would be an impressive choice. Despite not being the biggest guy at 5'8 and 215 pounds, Vidal is quick and can catch the ball out of the backfield and run north and south down the field, scoring touchdowns and breaking records along the way.

Seventh Round Selection

I believe that with the 231st pick in the draft, the Colts should consider choosing a talented but lesser-known wide receiver. My recommendation is Ryan Flournoy from Southeast Missouri State. Flournoy boasts an impressive 4.4 forty-yard dash time and a remarkable vertical jump of 41 inches, which is even higher than Antonio Brown's.

Additionally, his 3-cone drill time of 6.66 seconds is tied with AB's. It wouldn't be surprising if he outperforms these results at the combine. Moreover, Flournoy had a remarkable week during Senior Bowl practice. He would be an excellent fit for Ballard's draft strategy as he is a captain and a gifted athlete, We all know Ballard loves "athletic guys."



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