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Colts' Draft Gamble: Prioritizing Pass Catcher Over Defensive Back

I watched Ballard's pre-draft interview and it's clear he likes more than one of the receivers in this draft. From what I gathered, it seems like Ballard has his eye on a particular receiver in the first round, rather than a defensive back. Although he stated that the defensive backs in the draft are talented, he believes the draft is top-heavy with offensive players.

Based on my research, it's likely that four or even five quarterbacks will be chosen among the top 10 picks in the upcoming draft. This means that there's a possibility of a trade-up. Ballard has consistently stated, "If we see one in striking distance. That we think we can go get. We'll do it." However, he also said he may trade back multiple times because he'll have "more opportunities to hit with more picks."

Why Not A Corner?

Ballard has confidence in the cornerbacks they selected in last year's draft. They do not plan to prioritize selecting a cornerback in the first round unless their preferred wide receiver is not available. Ballard recognizes that their current cornerbacks are still young, so they may consider adding another player on the second or third day of the draft.

One player to keep an eye on, in my opinion, is Khyree Jackson. Jackson, a 6'3" cornerback from Oregon, has the potential to become a top player like Patrick Surtain. He has the right skills for Gus Bradley's defense but needs to gain weight as he currently only weighs 195 pounds.

Who's The Guy?

To me, it's simple if you read between the lines, Ballard clearly states that he wants Malik Nabers, but he's concerned about rumors of character issues. For Ballard, character is the most important factor in evaluating prospects. "Who they are is important," said Chris Ballard. 

It is clear to me that Ballard and Steichen want him, and the other coaches and scouts agree. They want to ensure he has the right character and fits their system well. "The hardest thing is getting the character right," Ballard says. 


Chris Ballard believes he needs to acquire more weapons to support his quarterback, Anthony Richardson. He is looking for players with the right character and attitude to ensure success. Whether fans approve of the picks or not, Ballard will choose the players he believes are best for the team. He also hinted that they are unlikely to select Marvin Harrison Jr.

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