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The Colts' Road To The Playoffs

The Indianapolis Colts have two teams over .500 left on the schedule and have a great possibility of making the playoffs going into the bye. Indy has won both of their games in November, but it hasn't been a smooth ride. Quarterback Gardner Minshew's performance has declined since becoming the full-time starter. Our defense has been the saving grace, but where is Darius Leonard? I am no longer calling him Shaquille because Shaquille Leonard stinks. Our offensive line has not played this well in three or four years, and if they continue to perform like this, along with Jonathan Taylor producing, we will have a path to make it to the playoffs.

We Need Darius Back

Zaire Franklin is performing exceptionally well. He is currently leading all linebackers in the NFL in tackles. However, there is still a weak link in our linebackers. Interestingly, that weak link was once our greatest player. Fans expressed their dissatisfaction last week after a poor performance in Germany. I don't think he fits well in Gus Bradley's defense. It makes me wonder if he should be traded.

Calm Down Gardner

Please for the love of humanity breathe, Gardner. When Gardner Minshew replaced Anthony Richardson as the quarterback against Houston, he had an impressive 83% completion rate. However, in his next game against Baltimore, his completion rate dropped to 61%. When he played for Richardson again, after he got injured during the Titans game, Minshew had a 79% completion rate and won all three games. Since then, his completion rate has ranged from 56% to 65%. Now, he managed to beat two of the weakest teams in the NFL, the Patriots and the Panthers, but is this sustainable? No, we are going to need better performance from our starting quarterback.

Offensive Line

Tony Sparano Jr. has brought life back to this offensive line. Right now I see us ranked as the number six offensive line in the NFL. Ryan Kelly to me is leading the pack for sure. He is looking like an All-Pro with the lowest pressure rate allowed through the first nine weeks of the season. If the offensive line can continue the impressive season and we get Jonathon Taylor rolling we could be unstoppable.


With a 5-5 record, the Indianapolis Colts have a chance of making the playoffs with their backup quarterback, Garder Minshew. To do this we need the stars to shine. That means you Mr. Leonard, we need you back to averaging a turnover a game. Jonathon Taylor it's time to blossom behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. And the last thing we have to do comes on Week 18. We have to beat the Texans!


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