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Colts Free Agency: Ballard Whifs On Sneed Deal

Chris Ballard has followed through on his promise to pay the players he drafted, even if it means overpaying for a rotational defensive lineman and a slot corner. However, he let one of the best corners in the league slip away over a difference of a few million dollars.

Sneed Likely To Remain A Chief

It has been reported that L'Jarius Sneed, the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl-winning cornerback, requested a contract worth 22 million dollars annually. This amount is only 2 million dollars above the salary cap but would make him one of the highest-paid corners in the league.

Unfortunately, the Colts' general manager, Chris Ballard could not secure this deal. Despite Ballard previously stating that he had "flexibility" this offseason, the team was unable to acquire significant talent through free agency once again.

Colts Resign Star Players

The Indianapolis Colts may not have made major acquisitions during this off-season, but they managed to re-sign their two best players, Michael Pittman Jr. and Zaire Franklin. Pittman agreed to a three-year contract worth $71.5 million, with $46 million guaranteed. Franklin also signed a new three-year contract worth $31 million.

Colt's Bring In Two Elite Veterans

The Indianapolis Colts have made some recent roster moves by signing Joe Flacco and Raekwon Davis. Flacco, who signed a one-year deal, is widely regarded as the best backup quarterback in the league, especially after his recent playoff performance. Meanwhile, Davis, who signed a 2-year contract worth $14 million with $7 million guaranteed, is the biggest outside free agent signing for the Colts since Sneed slipped through the cracks.

What's Next?

It's not too late to sign a big free agent for the team. I believe Ballard is capable of making the right decision. However, I am concerned about Julian Blackmon potentially visiting the Bills and signing with them if they offer him the right amount of money.

We need safety, and we have a few options available, including Blackmon, Quandre Diggs, and Justin Simmons. According to sources, Simmons is asking for a lot of money, but it may be just a matter of who budges first between Blackmon, Sneed, Simmons, and Diggs. We can consider signing Diggs and Sneed if they agree to a reasonable price.

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