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College Football Week Three: Biggest Winners And Losers

With three weeks of college football in the books, who won big this past week? Who took the biggest tumble?

The college football season is three weeks in and there has been plenty of drama. The insane Hail Mary win by Appalachian State down to upsets over the top-15 teams is all there. While the top-ten teams all won by double-digits, there is still plenty to unpack and talk about from Week Three. That being said, let’s break down some of the winners and losers of the week.


Kansas Jayhawks, 3-0 (1-0): The Jayhawks have come out of nowhere with their three wins this season. The Kansas football program has been a bottom-of-the-barrel program for a while now. Typically, in college football, they are irrelevant. The Jayhawks went 12 straight seasons with three or fewer wins tying the longest streak by an FBS team since the division split with the FCS in 1978.

However, Lance Leipold has this program feeling spicy about their record in 2022. Sure, Leipold finished 2-10 last year but it was his first year at the helm of a bad program. This season, the Jayhawks already have wins over West Virginia and Houston on the road. They are averaging 53 points per game (third in the country). The Jayhawks are making some noise in the college football rankings again and I would not be surprised if they jump into the top 25 with a win over Duke in Week Four. I am not saying the Jayhawks are winning the Big 12 but man they are fun to watch right now.

Oklahoma Sooners, 3-0: The true Big 12 contender are the Sooners. With Kansas State, Baylor, and Texas all with losses, the Sooners control the Big 12 again already. They embarrassed an already bad Nebraska Cornhuskers team winning 49-14 in Week Three.

Sure, the Sooners have not played anyone of college football relevance yet, but they are paving their way to another Big 12 title. If the Sooners have their act together for conference play, they will be dangerous.

Georgia Bulldogs, 3-0 (1-0): Is it idiotic to say the defending champs look better this year than last year? The key here is that the Bulldogs’ offense looks better by quite a bit. This team is known for beating you on the defensive side of the ball and winning maybe 21-0. In 2022, the Bulldogs have outscored their first three opponents by a whopping score of 130-10.

A championship team rarely gets better the next year. Sure, Alabama reloads every season but now Georgia is showing they will not be pushed around any longer. I like this Bulldogs team a lot and I think they have all the right pieces to win their second national title in a row. Do not be surprised if we get another Georgia versus Alabama SEC Title Game or meeting in the CFP.

Washington Huskies, 3-0: The Huskies are the big surprise team from Week Three. The Huskies scored a combined 97 points against Kent State and Portland State. The big surprise here is that the Huskies took down No. 11 Michigan State and looked good doing it.

Transfer quarterback Michael Penix Jr. has been everything the Huskies needed and then some. Penix threw for 397 yards with four touchdowns and hit nine different receivers against Michigan State. What makes this three-game run appealing is that Washington had one of the worst offenses in the FBS last year scoring 21.5 a game. It is clear Coach Kalon DeBoer has quickly turned things around for the Huskies. This could be the start of a Pac-12 contending season for this program.


BYU Cougars, 2-1: BYU came into Week Three the No. 12 team in the country, but it quickly went bad. BYU was in the mix for a playoff spot but then got blown out 41-20 by No. 25 Oregon. Oregon got embarrassed against Georgia in Week One and this time Oregon dealt the punishment.

Sure, BYU had the short passing game working but overall, Oregon dominated on the line and beat BYU with the rushing game. If the Cougars hope to get back to the college football playoff conversation, they cannot lose like that anymore.

Colorado Buffaloes, 0-3: The final loser of Week Three is a Power Five team, the Colorado Buffaloes. Colorado is quickly becoming the worst Power Five team in college football. The Buffaloes have been outscored 128-30 through three games and have produced only one 100-yard passer.

Head coach Karl Dorrell said his team has a “positive attitude” toward their performance so far this season. But unless college football gives you touchdowns and wins in exchange for a positive attitude, Colorado is in major trouble.

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