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College Football Shut The Door On Alabama But Forgot To Lock It

For the last decade-plus, the College Football universe revolved around the Alabama Crimson Tide. However, in recent memory, it seems the universe has made them a distant memory. The Tide is now rolling and putting the country on notice once again.

The Rolling Tide

Let‘s rewind to the preseason. Nick Saban makes it abundantly clear that he doesn’t know who will be his starting quarterback for the entire year. Fast forward to week two of the College Football season, Jalen Milroe and the Crimson Tide host the seventh-ranked Texas Longhorns. They would eventually lose that game by 10, which triggered Saban into making a quarterback change for the next week against the South Florida Bulls.

The Crimson Tide in week three would struggle against South Florida with new quarterbacks Tyler Buchner and Ty Simpson. Those two would barely combine to throw for over 100 yards. From this game on, that‘s all she wrote. Jalen Milroe would take back over his starting job and stomp a top-ten team in Ole Miss one week later. In the past three weeks, the Crimson Tide have beaten two top-20 teams, the 14-ranked Tennessee Volunteers, and 18th ranked LSU Tigers.

Moving Forward

The Alabama Crimson Tide have a relatively easy schedule compared to the last few weeks. They will have to play two SEC opponents on the road, Kentucky and Auburn. Auburn will be a tough test on the rival factor alone, but the Tigers are down this year. So where do we go from here if the Tide finish out the season without another loss?

Alabama with one loss will play for the SEC Championship, and odds are it will be against the Georgia Bulldogs. A team that has helped put Alabama in the rearview mirror in recent years. If the Tide can win the SEC Championship, they will unequivocally capture a College Football Playoff berth. From there, you can never count out Nick Saban and the ‘Rolling Tide.'


In week two, college football media and fans wrote off this Alabama team and completely forgot all about them. They now have new life with Jalen Milroe playing with a confident swagger. Ole Miss could have ended Alabama‘s dream at a National Championship instead they threw them a life raft, and the Tide have been getting more and more confident that they can survive. These next few weeks should be very interesting in the SEC!


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