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College Football Playoff Comes To An Agreement On A New Format

College Football has been over for about a month, and there is still time to start looking towards the 2024 season. This year, significant changes are coming to the sport, from teams changing conferences, conferences going away, and the first edition of the 12-team College Football Playoff. 

The College Football Playoff was supposed to follow the 6+6 format that would give six guaranteed spots to the conference champions, the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, Big 12, PAC-12, and a non power five conference, but there was a change to that format on Tuesday. 

Instead of the 6+6 format, the playoff will now be 5+7, which means five conference champions get an automatic bid, including the ACC, Big Ten, SEC, Big-12, and another conference. College Football had to leave the six conference champions getting in since the PAC-12 is hardly a conference anymore. 

The PAC-12 saw all their teams leave, but Oregon State and Washington State and could never bring in more teams. 

This was the right move for the sport, and you couldn't keep six automatic conference champions after the PAC-12 folded this past offseason. 

The College Football Playoff will be excellent with the expansion of the 12 teams, and it will open the door for so many teams that have yet to have a chance with the four-team format to get in. 

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