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Coffee ‘n’ Jets: Trade Rumors For 1 Reliable Wide Receiver

While Denzel Mims may have requested a trade late in the off-season he may not end up being the Jets WR who gets traded before the trade deadline in 2022. Corey Davis is apparently a player teams are keeping their eye on as a potential target for a trade, and there are plenty of receiver needy teams this season who fit the bill. But who makes the most sense, and is it something the Jets should even consider?

Jets Corey Davis Could Be A Target For Multiple Teams

Rich Cimini dropped the teaser whilst answering questions on the Flight Deck podcast this past week when he noted that:

There is an NFC team that is keeping an eye on Corey Davis. And it wouldn’t shock me if the Jets get a call before the trading deadline.

This is something Cimini has been saying for a few weeks now, with reports coming out from him in early September that Davis could be a target for a trade in the coming weeks. It’s not too surprising; despite not getting too many headlines Davis had a solid start to the season, averaging 80 yards per game (before the Bengals game which hurt his production somewhat) which would put him on track for his first 1000 yard season if he can keep it up.

<img class="lazyload" decoding="async" src=";ssl=1" alt="Jets Corey Davis - Courtesy of USA Today" width="487" height="292" data-recalc-dims="1" />

Corey Davis could be a target for multiple teams looking to bolster their WR core – Image courtesy of USA Today

There’s plenty of NFC teams that make sense who could be the mystery team Cimini made mention of:

  1. Green Bay They had a thin room stocked mainly with rookies and WR2 players at best, and now injuries are piling up making a bad situation worse. Davis would walk into Green Bay as WR1 and be a reliable target for Rogers.

  2. Tampa Bay Tom Brady brought himself out of retirement and now he just needs someone to throw the ball to. On paper the Bucs WR core competes for best in the NFL, but much like Green Bay the injuries have meant that they’ve already started bringing in guys off the street. This may just be temporary so the Bucs may not be looking to shop in November just yet.

  3. LA Rams The Rams may not have any draft picks left at this point but that never seems to stop them adding players. I’m not convinced LA would be the team in the mix for Corey Davis as they’re likely looking to bring in Odell in time for the post season, but if Alan Robinson doesn’t work out they may look to bring a guy like Davis in.

  4. NY Giants – If the Giants make it to November and think they have the chance to push for a wildcard spot in a weak NFC then it would make sense for them to call up their stadium-buddies and get Daniel Jones a proper wide receiver.

But is this even something the Jets should consider? There’s arguments to be made that with Davis off the team it just paves the way for Garrett Davis to get more snaps, or that Mims is waiting to step in to take a share of the snaps in that bigger body receiver role.

Both those are based on pretty poor reasoning though. Wilson and Davis have very different skill sets that are complementary in the offence. Sure, Wilson should be seeing more of the field but it shouldn’t need David being traded to make that happen. And Mims … jesus. Mims would be seeing more of the field if he had more touchdowns than Connor McDermott. Sure he had a good week three of the pre-season against Giants backups but he’s got to show a hell of a lot more than that to take Davis’s place on this roster.

Sure, if we get to November and the Jets are eliminated from contention for the post-season it would make sense to get some value from Davis if there’s any to be had. Longer term Davis may not be on the Jets unless they can agree to some sort of contract restructure, as Davis is due to have a $11 million cap hit in year three of his contract which drops to $666,667. So trade or not, Davis may not be a Jets next year. They also have a strong WR room that they could add depth to in the draft or free agency.

But at this point being 1-2 through what most predicted to be one of the harder opening schedules in the league it’s hard to decide whether or not to a make post-season push this year, and if that happens they’ll need everyone on their roster, and should be looking to add to their roster rather than to take away.

There's that dude @GarrettWilson_V — New York Jets (@nyjets) September 25, 2022



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