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Coffee ‘n’ Jets: Strong 24 – 20 Win Post Game

Despite a desperate attempt to lose this game, the Jets foiled themselves in the 4th quarter and won at the last to take themselves to 2-2 on the season. This was a game should have been over by half-time, but the Jets almost allowed this one to slip out of their grasp but ultimately come away with the win.

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Key Moments

1st Quarter

  1. INT by La’marcus Joyner gets the energy up for the visiting team.

  2. Zach Wilson TD (1st by a New York Jets QB) showed some offensive creativity by Booth LaFleur.

  3. 1st quarter sack from Q Williams on 3rd down holding Pittsburgh to field goal keeping it 10-3.

2nd Quarter

  1. Max Mitchell injured and out of the game putting the Jets on their 5th and 6th starting OTs.

  2. Wilson INT in the final two minutes that wiped the potential for another three points off the board.

  3. Lawson roughing call puts Steelers in field goal range as the half closes out. Should have been an INT by Whitehead.

3rd Quarter

  1. Kenny Pickett came into the game in the 3rd and threw a pick on his first attempt.

  2. Zach Wilson throws a second INT after it slipped through the hands of Tyler Conklin. The Steelers capitalise with a short field after the initial return for a pick-6 was discounted.

4th Quarter

  1. Corey Davis makes a crucial 4th down grab to set up the Jets TD, keeping the game within reach despite two goal-line penalties put the Jets in a tough spot that they manage to claw their way out of.

  2. Pickett gets picked off again by Michael Carter II after he’s pressured in the pocket setting the Jets up with 3:34 on the clock.

  3. At the two minute warning the Jets were at mid-field on 3rd down and 6. After a crucial catch by Tyler Conklin they managed to march down, eating the clock as they went, and scored the game winning TD with a reach by Hall

  4. The game ends with an INT from Joyner in the end zone on the final desperate play of the game by Pickett.

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We only call him ‘Booth LaFleur’ when things are going well, and by the end of the 1st quarter he was definitely just ‘Mike’. After that though we started to see some of the creative play calling that led to him earning his nickname last year. The end around pass from Berrios to Wilson was the type of thing that got fans so excited last season. Being able to scheme anything up with only two starting lineman in their spot is a miracle when you think about it; but some of the situational play calling less than ideal.

Watching the Steelers is how I imagine other fanbases felt these past years when they had to watch the Jets. I feel for Steelers fans because it’s not fun, but the Steelers are terrible. I’m not sure Pickett is the answer because the offence just looked so limp. Defensively the Jets looked good; Gardner was all over Pickens all game, and the Jets D-Line looked like advertised in the off-season against an O-Line that is actually quite decent.

The turning point of this game though was Max Mitchell’s injury. The Jets signed two new tackles this week but neither will have been ready to go. In the 2nd half Connor McDermott moved to right tackle, Nate Herbig came in at right guard, and Alijah Vera-Tucker moved over to left tackle. That is an insane situation to be in, and anyone who expected the OC to scheme a game up with two 5ths of an O-Line needs therapy.

The late hit though from Lawson on Trubisky points to some worrying issues with coaching in how well disciplined the team are. We saw the same thing in week three when John Franklin-Myers hit Joe Burrow late on 3rd down to keep possession for the Bengals. Against better teams that will lose games.

The main takeaways though from this game though should be two things:

  1. Zach Wilson had a rough day but led two clutch drives at the end to win it. With no O-Line and little help from his receivers this wasn’t the ideal start. But fans need to hold off on this one. Zach has to be good; cause this season will suck if he isn’t, and I’m not ready for an off-season spent arguing about Will Levis on Twitter.

  2. The Jets are 2-2. Whatever you think about how we got here that is a record we’d have all given blood to sign on for before the season started. Things are certainly not perfect but the team are managing to grind out wins where they should which gives them time to correct things down the line.


Headed home with a W @ZachWilson — New York Jets (@nyjets) October 2, 2022

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