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Coffee ‘n’ Jets: Stock Report On Four Players

It’s been a few weeks since we last looked at the players who are improving/declining as the Jets went through another up and down couple of weeks. Here’s some players who fit the bill on the Jets as we come off another victory celebration in Jets Land.

I’m not going to labour the point here around Ahmad Gardner and Alijah Vera Tucker. They’re currently up in the stock-stratosphere where mere-mortals cannot follow with Sauce well on his way to lock-down corner status, and AVT will be an all-pro before the year is out at whatever position on the offensive line he chooses.

We’ll go back and forth with a player who is stock-up, and a player who is stock-down to see who is standing out both good and bad.

Stock down – Tyler Conklin

Conklin worries me. A few weeks ago I wrote in a similar article to this that while no-one should be out on Conklin, they should be keeping an eye on him. It might seem unfair to have Conklin as a ‘stock down’ guy here, but the drops and the fumbles are too consistent now to write off. True, this isn’t something that Conklin is know for, but it doesn’t mean we can’t call it out as a problem.

Conklin can and should be Zach Wilson’s safety blanket to get easy yards from underneath; yet as it stands Conklin is a liability (which is possibly only marginally better than be invisible like CJ Uzomah) with drive killing mistakes piling up.

Stock up – Corey Davis

Davis is consistently overlooked by Jets fans in a very talented wide-receiver group, but David is quietly having a very consistent year two for the Jets. Year one was filled with drops and mental errors that left Jets fans wondering if they’d signed yet another high-priced dud in free agency. Davis though has shown up in big moments this season and has been a reliable target for both Wilson and Flacco, and is currently the Jets’ leading receiver with 261 yards.

There’s been some speculation recently about Davis being a potential trade target for the Jets to look at moving before the trade deadline. In my opinion that would be a huge mistake. Sure, in 2023 the team could look at other options for Davis’s role, but for 2022 if they have any designs on post-season football then Davis will be a huge part of that.

Stock down – Laken Tomlinson

Yikes. It’s been a rough to his Jets career for Tomlinson. He featured in the first ‘stock-watch’ article on Jets Joint and things haven’t gotten much better. After a little bit of a bounce back against Cleveland, Tomlinson has been terrible over at LG for the Jets, particularly in the run game posting the worst run blocking grades amongst starting guards of 30.7.

I’m not sure what is going on with Tomlinson, but he needs to figure it out fast, not just for his own sake, but the Jets’ front office who signed him to a mega-deal this off-season. Tomlinson has a $17million cap hit next year with $8million in dead cap if the Jets do move on from him.

Stock up – Lamarcus Joyner

[… If I write this do you promise to let my family go? Okay … I’ll do it, Lamarcus. Just don’t do anything crazy.]

Wasn’t it nice to see Joyner do something in the secondary except give up touchdowns? For the first three weeks it felt like Joyner was only mentioned on the broadcast when he was involved in a miscommunication that led to a touchdown, or he made an athletic pass break-up that was only needed because he was so far out of position.

It would be unfair not to credit Joyner with his performance this week. Two interceptions in a single game isn’t something we get to say about a Jets player often (even if one was on a last minute hail mary to the end zone by Pickett) and his overall play wasn’t too bad either.

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What a game for Lamarcus Joyner. This PBU early, another that was deflected to Whitehead for an INT and two picks of his own. — Glenn Naughton (@AceFan23) October 3, 2022


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