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Cleveland Cavaliers Fans Should Be Thanking Jalen Brunson For The Gift They Received On Tuesday

Cleveland Cavaliers fans can finally breathe because they woke up on Tuesday morning with a gift. Star guard Donovan Mitchell has agreed to a three-year contract extension.

When the Cavs traded for Mitchell two summers ago, many people around the NBA thought he was a two-year rental and would then head home to the New York Knicks. However, at the same time, Mitchell was traded, New York landed star point guard Jalen Brunson in free agency, and Brunson turned himself into one of the best players in the league and the Knicks into a champion contender.

When Mitchell was traded to Cleveland, the Knicks were also in the running to trade for him, but a deal never worked out between them and the Utah Jazz, and Mitchell found his way to the Cavs.

The Knicks were probably waiting for some time for Mitchell not to want to extend with Cleveland and ask for a trade, and the Knicks could land him, but Brunson decided to take over the star guard role and became an MVP-caliber player.

Brunson took over the team, and instead of waiting on Mitchell, the Knicks made Brunson their top player and put players around him who would make him and the team better, like Josh Hart and OG Anunoby. They just traded for Mikal Bridges.

New York was no longer a place for Mitchell to go to, so deciding to stay in Cleveland was the best option. The Cavs are also good and have excellent young players, so he stays on a great team.

We will never know what Mitchell would've done if Brunson had never gone to New York, but it was great It happened because it left Mitchell staying where he belongs.


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