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Cleveland Browns Podcast: Browns Brawl Episode 1 Is Live On Spotify!

Hosts Dan Toomey and Danny Fisher got together for Episode One of the Browns Brawl podcast, covering all things Cleveland Browns. Be sure to subscribe to get all the latest episodes all season long.

The inaugural episode of the Browns Brawl podcast is now live on Spotify! This week Dan and Danny cover some of the most critical topics of Cleveland Browns training camp. Danny was lucky enough to attend and gave his reactions to how this 2022 team looks. You can listen to the full episode on Spotify!

Hey #Browns fans The inaugural episode of the Browns Brawl podcast is live on @Spotify. I am joined by @Dfish479 and we preview the preseason as well as cover the latest Browns news. Be sure to follow to get all the latest episodes. @StadiumRantHQ — Dan Toomey (@DanT_NFL) August 15, 2022

After you give the show a listen, please leave some feedback. We love to hear from the fans and are constantly striving to bring you the greatest and latest Cleveland Browns coverage. The Browns Brawl podcast will be bumping twice a week once the season kicks off and will feature many great guests from around the league! Cleveland Browns game previews and reviews, plus many more topics every week.

This week’s episode featured the following topics:

  1. Favorite Browns moments for each of our hosts

  2. Wide Receiver injury reactions

  3. The battle for the second cornerback position

  4. What to do with the crowded running back room

  5. Preview of Preseason Week One

  6. The latest Jimmy Garappolo rumors

Be sure to follow on Spotify to get next week’s episode as it drops. Dan and Danny will review preseason week one and look ahead to week two. There may even be an opportunity for some mailbag questions at the end.

We’re hiring multiple contributing writers for the 2022 season! Please apply here!

Want more Browns content? Check out the site here for more on the Browns, and follow our network Twitter @StadiumRantHQ for more sports content. Also, follow @DanT_NFL on Twitter for more Browns content! Thanks for reading, and be sure to share!



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