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Cleveland Browns Fans Don't Deserve Any Of This Pathetic Garbage

It's another football season in Cleveland, and you know what that means: there is drama by the lakeside.

The Browns can't go a season without any drama or acting like total clowns, and why would this season be any different?

The Browns were coming off of a substantial-high beating of the Bengals last week, and then a considerable disappointment happened when they lost to the Steelers on Monday Night Football.

The Brown's defense played great, but their offense, led by Deshaun Watson, played like hot garbage. The offense gave the Steeler's two defensive touchdowns, and that's all they needed to beat this underwhelming bunch.

Watson did not play well yet again, making this his second start of the season where he played awful and going back to the six games he started last season where he looked lost at times.

Watson's Twitter Issues

Weird reports came out after the game that are not proven but could be onto something: Watson had a fake burner account on Twitter, posting things and liking everything about the quarterback.

Who cares if he has a burner account? Many athletes have one, and that is just what goes on today with the modern athlete, but on Wednesday night, Watson took to his personal Twitter account and started blocking people who said negative things about him off or on the field.

Of course, you're going to get those losers who will say disgusting things, and those people should be blocked, but the Browns fans who were tweeting about how bad you played should not be getting blocked.

Hey, Deshaun, you have played like total garbage since you became a member of the Cleveland Browns. The team gave you 230 million dollars, and you are making dumb plays that not even a middle schooler would make.

On Monday Night, Watson was seriously called with two face mask penalties, one of them being a personal foul after the play and driving the team out of field goal range, and was seen putting his hands on an official.

Watson, you're the quarterback of an NFL team. You are not supposed to be losing your composure; You are supposed to be a leader and show your team how to get things done during the good and the bad.

Most quarterbacks, when they have a rough night, shake it off and say see you next week, but this one thought it was a good idea to go on Twitter and block Browns fans who might have tweeted something negative about his performance, and I know some of the people who might have said something are high respected people in the Cleveland media and would say something in a professional way and not in a way that should get them blocked.

Browns Fans Don't Deserve This

It's been a rough two years for many Browns fans, having to put up with all the things that Watson did, and most of them don't feel great about it, but they will never turn their back on their team.

Fans were by your side and stuck it out during your eleven-game suspension; they were there defending you, saying you are still talented even though the six games you played last season weren't great, and just because you had a poor game, you blocked the people who stood by you during all this time.

That is just a pathetic move, and fans don't deserve that their quarterback would rather be starting drama than maybe figuring out why he is playing like a train wreck.

Watson, you need to do better on the field and off it, and Browns fans are going to say negative things about you because they care. All they want is a winning team because they have suffered through enough, and they are just tired of the same old garbage every single season.

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