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Cleveland Browns Depressing Season Has Come To An End

As Week 18 of the NFL season wraps up, we're used to seeing the Cleveland Browns pack up for a long off-season, adding another disappointing chapter to their history. But this season, they've flipped the script. 

Let's not forget, this isn't the old Cleveland Browns that would end their season in Week 18 and disappear until August. No, this is the new Cleveland Browns, a team that faced more adversity in a regular season than any other NFL team I've seen and still managed to claw their way into the playoffs. 

Imagine this: losing your starting right tackle in Week One, your star running back Nick Chubb, your starting quarterback Deshaun Watson for most of the season, your starting left and backup right tackle, and even adding some defensive guys to this list. And then, starting five different quarterbacks, with four winning at least one game. That's the kind of season the Browns had. 

The Lord and Savior, Joe Flacco, helped save this franchise late in the season. His leadership, experience, and exceptional performance on the field, especially during crucial games, played a significant role in the Browns' success. Of course, he was backed by one of the best defenses in the league, led by Myles Garrett. 

The old Cleveland Browns would have laid down and died long ago, but not this team. I give head coach Kevin Stefanski a lot of credit, and he should be NFL head coach of the year. 

The title might read Cleveland Brown's Depressing Season Has Come To An End because that's what we are used to in this town, and it's second nature, but not this year. This is Cleveland's year. 

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