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Clay Travis Uses Caitlin Clark To Spread Message Of Hate

Caitlin Clark, Clay Travis, Gay, Lesbian, Black, White

Freedom of Speech may be one of the most misunderstood concepts in the American public. A person can not be criminally charged for something they say despite a handful of exceptions. However, they can be fired, kicked off teams, or ostracized from social groups for their words. There is nothing unconstitutional about that.

Conservative media personality and author Clay Travis calls himself a First Amendment absolutist. He believes that people should not only be free from prosecution for their words, but they should also be able to say whatever they want in their personal time without repercussions. Maybe this is because he likes to make volatile and hate-inducing comments and doesn't think he should have to face the public firing squad for doing so.

Caitlin Clark, Clay Travis, Gay, Pride, WNBA

Race And Sexuality

The late George Carlin, a comedian, and essentially a prophet, explained during a comedy special how our differences are used to separate us. "That's the way the ruling class operates in any society," Carlin said in his 1992 HBO show Jammin In New York. "Race, religion, ethnic and national backgrounds, jobs, income, education, social status, sexuality. Anything they can do, keep us fighting with each other so that they can keep going to the bank."

To maintain chaos, the powers that be use the media to scare the majority into believing that the minority is coming for them. Suppose Karen can be convinced that she needs an AK-47 to protect her family from anything and anyone who isn't biologically identical to her. In that case, the owners of this country have won. 60% of the United States is white, according to the most recent census, and on average, 95% are heterosexual, according to several studies.

Travis decided that Pride Month would be the perfect time to try and scare straight white America into fighting with everyone else. In a recent appearance on Fox News, Travis said, "Caitlin Clark is a white heterosexual woman in a black lesbian league, and they resent and are jealous of all the attention and the shoe deal she got."

Caitlin Clark, Clay Travis, WNBA, Gay, Pride

Somebody should let Travis know that it's a women's basketball league. It is not a league for black players or lesbian players. It is a league for anyone, regardless of race or sexuality, to play basketball if they have the skill level required. He would never paint it that way because there wouldn't be a good guy and a bad guy, with a line in the sand for people to be on either side.

His clicks and reason for existing need white heterosexual America to raise up its arms to defend the white girl, and he needs black gay America to hate her for getting where she is based on her skin color and sexual orientation. His rhetoric doesn't necessarily celebrate hate; he just needs hate to fuel his success. There's not a lot of money in love and acceptance these days.


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