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Chomping At The Bit: Colts Mo Alie-Cox Is A Superb Week Four Legend

“Chomping At The Bit” is dedicated to recognizing Colts players making a difference on and off the field. This recognition features Colts tight end Mo Alie-Cox.

In a season where offense has been up and down, the Colts’ tight end room has emerged. Whether it’s Kylen Granson making special teams plays or Jelani Woods catching game winning touchdowns, the group has seemingly answered the call to help the team’s offensive woes (something contributing writer Chip Bennett pointed out just days ago). Let’s breakdown the essence of Mo Alie-Cox.

Colts Need Someone To Step Up

In my time as a fan of this team, I have seen the likes of every kind of tight end, from Dallas Clark to even Eric Ebron. As you might imagine, there’s some pretty good tight end play mixed in there, especially in recent years. You guessed it: I’m referring to “Mr. Doyle Rules”, Jack Glenn Doyle. Doyle played nine seasons for the Colts before retiring earlier this year. He was the epitome of consistency and is by stats and many fan votes, a top five tight end in franchise history. By all accounts, those are large shoes to fill.

However, with Doyle now gone, Mo Alie-Cox is the veteran tight end of the group and the team needs him to lead. Alie-Cox has been, essentially, a when-needed vertical threat, but has been mostly relegated to being a complimentary tight end with solid blocking abilities. With a very young group, there simply has to be more production. The question remains: Can he do it?

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Colts Alie-Cox Shows Shades Of The Good Stuff

Of course, the Colts certainly think Alie-Cox can be ”the” guy. The team doubled down on the former basketball player turned tight end, signing him to a three-year extension in March. In the last two seasons, the 6’6” target has racked up over 700 yards and had his best touchdown total, four, in 2021. Two of those four touchdowns came against the Miami Dolphins in Week Four.

Alie-Cox was thrust into the spotlight and right on cue, he delivered. He carved up Miami’s defense for three catches and 42 yards and two touchdowns. (Both of his touchdowns came in the second half, a great sight to see after dropping a would-be grab earlier in the game.) At the time, Alie-Cox was just the seventh tight end in NFL history to have a two touchdown game and the first Colts tight end since 2018.

Mo Alie-Cox is coming off the game of his career in Week 4 🔥 📺: #INDvsBAL at 8:15pm ET on ESPN 📱: NFL App — NFL (@NFL) October 11, 2021

Colts Alie-Cox Invokes Music Royalty: Mo‘ Catches, Mo’ Problems

In the words of Mason Betha, Sean Combs, and Christopher Wallace, ”it’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.” In this case, “the more teams that come across Mo, the ‘Mo’ problems we will see.” It seems that Alie-Cox is a Week Four legend. Up to this point, his season has been mostly quiet.

However, the starting tight end re-created his 2021 Miami game and had a day against the Titans. Alie-Cox was an incredible six for six on his targets, for 85 yards, including a 34-yard bomb down the middle of the field that took Titans’ Josh Kalu and Kristian Fulton along for the ride. If that wasn’t enough, he steam-rolled his way to an impressive two touchdowns, something the Colts desperately needed after a less than stellar offensive game.

ANOTHER ONE. @BudLight | #BudLightCelly 📺: FOX — Indianapolis Colts (@Colts) October 2, 2022

The question remains: can Alie-Cox become “mo’” of what the Colts need? Time will tell. Despite building on his previous seasons, Alie-Cox has been largely boom or bust. He has to step out of the shadows of Jack Doyle and into the spotlight of Mo Alie-Cox season. This is your time, Mo. The clock is ticking.

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