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Chiefs Use UFA Tag On Melvin Ingram: Initial Reactions

Another move for the Chiefs has happened despite a successful draft and trade for Lonnie Walker. The newest move for KC is placing the rare UFA tag on Melvin Ingram. The Baltimore Ravens also placed the UFA tag on Justin Houston today, according to Field Yates. Now, what the hell is a UFA tag? Trust me, I had to look into it myself.

The Ravens and Chiefs both applied the seldom used UFA Tender on OLB Justin Houston and Melvin Ingram respectively. — Field Yates (@FieldYates) May 2, 2022

Essentially, Melvin Ingram is free to sign with any team on any terms he wants. The underlying aspect here is that the Chiefs are extending their deadline to re-sign Ingram. The deadline is now July 22nd, rather than Ingram being free to go to anyone, and KC gets nothing. Still confused? Please bare with me as I try to simplify this.

If Ingram signs with someone else, the UFA tag guarantees the Chiefs receive a compensatory draft pick in the 2023 draft. That pick would have to be worth the same value as if Melvin Ingram signed, for example, a three million dollar deal. However, if Ingram does not leave by that July 22nd deadline, he can only negotiate with the Chiefs. The UFA tag is similar to the franchise tag, being it binds a player to a team if no negotiation is made elsewhere.

Should The Chiefs Pursue Melvin Ingram Further?

In the end, I think Ingram should get re-signed. In only six games, his 15 tackles, 11 pressures, and one sack for the Chiefs were huge. He provides veteran leadership and experience that cannot be replaced at this point. Bring him back on a one or two-year deal for cheap cause clearly; he is willing to play on those types of contracts. Re-signing Ingram would be a solid “win now” move that shows the CHiefs are still serious about their veteran talent.

Final Thoughts

The Chiefs using the UFA tag shows they still want to negotiate with Melvin Ingram. With how much the Chiefs needed to focus on drafting well, it does not surprise me this move did not happen until after the draft. Now they can focus on those smaller issues, such as figuring out how much to pay Ingram to stick around. With how well Ingram played, I do not see it taking long for KC and him to strike a deal.

However, Chiefs Kingdom can rest easy because they either get Ingram or get a free draft pick next year. A win-win situation is never bad, especially with how competitive the Chiefs want to be. Trust that Veach will make this deal happen. This is a waiting game, folks, and nothing more can be done.

What are your thoughts on the Chiefs placing the UFA tag on Melvin Ingram? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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