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Chiefs Trading For This Big Star Tackle Would Complete The 2023 Roster

The Kansas City Chiefs have taken one step closer to the idea that they are moving on from Orlando Brown Jr. They went and signed former Jaguars OT Jawaan Taylor to a four-year, $80 million deal with $60 million guaranteed. KC also lost Andrew Wylie to the Washington Commanders on a three-year deal. So where does KC go from here? Let’s discuss this.

Chiefs Need To Trade For Laremy Tunsil

Texans OT Laremy Tunsil has become a huge topic of trade discussion. The Chiefs losing starting right tackle Andrew Wylie hurts, but now they can make a move for a veteran stud in Tunsil. Tunsil carries a hefty cap hit of $35.2 million for 2023, but if KC wants to protect Mahomes, moves must be made.

Currently, KC will have to part ways with picks in the first three rounds or even a 2024 first-round pick. Another option would have been trading Mecole Hardman, but he is a free agent now, so throw that out. The best option will be KC giving up draft picks for a veteran player worth the money so far.

Where Tunsil Fits In With The Chiefs

If the Chiefs fully move on from Orlando Brown Jr, Tunsil coming to KC would immediately put him into a starting role. He would go from a rebuilding Texans team to the defending Super Bowl champions. He goes from protecting whoever the Texans draft at QB to safeguarding the best QB in the NFL in Patrick Mahomes. What more significant selling point can you have than that?

Tunsil would fit right in at either left or right tackle, depending on where Jawaan Taylor ends up. Sure, Brown Jr is an elite talent, but Tunsil is just as efficient at his job. The Chiefs need contingency plans for losing Brown, and Tunsil should be that plan. GIve away some draft picks to protect Mahomes yet again.

Final Thoughts

Laremy Tunsil is an ideal trade piece for the Chiefs, and it needs to happen. Move on from Orlando Brown, who will command too much per year. Tunsil can be negotiated with, and having the 2023 money he’s owed makes more sense. Protecting Mahomes is the top priority, and finding the best lineman in the NFL is the way to do it. Tunsil should be on the Chief’s radar this week if necessary; make it happen, Brett Veach.


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