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Chiefs: Three UDFAs That Could Make The Final Roster

As rookie camps continue, we start looking at some of the Chiefs’ UDFAs on board for the pre-season. They have signed 14 UDFAs to compete for a spot on the roster, with players from all backgrounds, from the SEC to Division II colleges. Some of the players the Chiefs brought on board have a genuine shot at making the Chiefs’ final roster.

As we look at the UDFA class for the Chiefs this off/pre-season, there must be a few diamonds here that could make an impact on the roster. Here are three UDFAs that I think can make the Chiefs’ final roster:

One of the highlights of this UDFA class is none other than former Clemson wide receiver Justyn Ross. Ross stands at an impressive 6’4″ and weighs in at 205 lbs. In his freshman season (2018), Ross touted a 1,000-yard season on 46 catches with nine touchdowns. Additionally, Ross averaged 21.7 yards per catch that season. He did have a solid sophomore season the following year, catching 66 passes for 845 yards and eight touchdowns.

However, in 2020, Ross wouldn’t see the field as he had a congenital fusion in his spine due to a condition he was born with called Klippel-Feil syndrome; he had to take time away from football that year. Injuries would continue to haunt the young receiver as in 2021, Ross suffered a small fracture in his foot earlier in the year; but he played through it until he reaggravated it earlier in the year. He has since had surgery on it.

Ross is someone who has first-round talent. He has all the necessary skills to be a contributing wide receiver on this roster, from his route running to his hands and his YAC abilities. He should make the final roster as long as he avoids injuries and has a good pre-season.

In terms of the Chiefs having a third or fourth running back, the room is wide open for anyone to make a statement. Enter Jerrion Ealy from Ole Miss, who had 2,235 total rushing yards and 20 rushing touchdowns in college in three seasons. Ealy is a tempo-style runner that can follow blocks well, whether it be in the gap or zone blocking scheme; Ealy also possesses good elusiveness, good explosiveness, and has shown to be very versatile, especially as a kick returner. He also has good ball security, only fumbling twice on 451 touches.

Ealy’s main con is his size, standing at 5’8″ and weighing 189 lbs. NFL defenses would eat an RB like that alive. However, his quick feet and elusiveness could avoid many big hits. He would have to beat out other backs like Derrick Gore and Isaih Pacheco, but I feel he can beat one of these players out if he has a good pre-season and camps.

Mike Rose could be a defensive UDFA to make the roster. Rose is the 2020 BIG 12 Defensive Player of the Year, who had 324 total tackles, 41 tackles for a loss, 8.5 sacks, and six interceptions in his four seasons at Iowa State. During his time at Iowa State, Rose was a highly competitive player who would put his body on the line for a big play. He has shown to be good in pass coverage, being able to read routes, and he had five interceptions back in 2020.

Rose’s cons from tackling, where he has missed tackles mainly due to either overrunning the play or having minimal leverage. He’s also not as flexible as most linebackers in this draft class, being a more mechanical mover per The Draft Network. Despite this, I feel Rose can provide solid value for the defense, especially in pass coverage. The Chiefs need more LB bodies, and Rose could be a solid fit here.

Which UDFAs do you believe can make the Chiefs’ final roster this season? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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