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Chiefs Pro Bowler Absent From Mandatory Minicamp

The Kansas City Chiefs started their mandatory minicamp this week and not surprisingly Orlando Brown Jr. is not there.

Brown has yet to sign his franchise tag contract that the Chiefs put on him back in March. However, this is expected as the Chiefs and their left tackle are still talking about a possible long-term contract. But without a new deal or his tag signed, Brown is not officially on the Chiefs’ roster. This is why he can miss camp without fear of any fines or needing to be excused.

If he was holding out for more money, like DK Metcalf, he would be fined tens of thousands of dollars for every missed day. So without a contract, Brown will not be fined and thus has no reason to be there.

REPORT: Orlando Brown Jr. is NOT present for the start of the team's mandatory minicamp. Frank Clark is also absent, as is Justyn Ross. — Chiefs Edge (@ChiefsEdge) June 14, 2022

Chiefs Tackle Doesn’t Stand To Gain Much From Mini-Camp

Before some of you start screaming that he should care enough about the team to be there no matter what, that is not reality. In reality, it is smart of Brown to not be at this minicamp. He’s not a rookie or some new free agent that needs to learn the playbook and get used to the guys. He was on the roster all last season and has the same men around him. There is not anything he is going to learn that he doesn’t already know this week.

If he isn’t going to learn anything new or gain anything from the practices, why does a 300-pound plus man need to be outside in 100-degree heat? I just spent two hours sitting in a chair watching my daughter play softball and I’m drenched in sweat and feel miserable. Imagine being twice the size (wish he was twice my size) playing football in this heat; I wouldn’t sign my tag either.

So everyone should relax and frankly not care about this minicamp. It’s good to see the free agents and rookies there getting used to the roster and playbook. Of course, it’s always fun to see Patrick Mahomes slinging the ball around and any football is better than none. But nothing good comes out of camp. Any highlight you see or news about how someone looks on the field is useless. The guys are playing in shorts and t-shirts. The only news with any meaning out of camp would be injuries. Brown not playing guarantees he can’t be injured at camp.

Brown will be the Chiefs’ left tackle in 2022. He is not holding out, there are zero benefits for him in holding out of pre-season and or regular season. So he will either be signing his franchise tag or signing a new long-term contract. Orlando Brown Jr being absent from mini-camp has absolutely nothing to do with how he plays this season so don’t be mad at Brown or worry about the team in any way.

Do you expect Orlando Brown Jr. to sign a long-term contract before the season starts? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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