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Chiefs’ 2022 NFL Draft Grades: Day Two

The Chiefs made three draft picks on Day Two of the 2022 NFL Draft. They started their day by trading back with the Patriots and, in doing so, missed out on George Pickens. However, Chiefs fans can sleep soundly tonight knowing that Brett Veach finally drafted a wide receiver. They also added even more depth to their secondary, and with their final pick in the draft, they may have gotten the steal of the day.

In Round One of the NFL Draft, Round Two saw quite a run on wide receivers. It started when the Packers traded up to select Christian Watson and ended when the Chiefs took Skyy Moore. The seventh receiver took in the round and thirteenth overall. In fact, the Chiefs traded back four spots with the Patriots and watched as three receivers were taken before their pick arrived. That being said, did the Chiefs gets exactly the receiver they wanted? If they genuinely wanted Pickens, they could have sat at 50 and taken him, but instead, they opted to pick up an extra draft pick by moving back.

Skyy Moore is only 5’10, but he compensates with long arms and large hands. While his routes could still use some polish, they are still solid overall. Moore is quick with his feet and has solid speed boasting a 4.41 40-yard dash. Moore’s role in the NFL is most suitable for the slot, but he can play almost any position, including “X” and “Z” receiver roles if called upon.

Overall, Moore has many great traits and adds an element the Chiefs offense was missing. Moore is also only 21 years old and has plenty of time to add to his game, which should be even easier with Patrick Mahomes as his quarterback. Chiefs fans are probably mad they passed on Pickens, but Moore is still a fantastic pick.

Grade: A

With their second pick, the Chiefs decided to add more depth to their secondary by adding Bryan Cook out of Cincinnati. Cook has a lot of great qualities but also has a lot of question marks surrounding his game. He would likely have been gone by the next time the Chiefs were on the clock, but this is the biggest reach the Chiefs have made this year.

Cook is a hard-hitter and secure tackler. He plays with an edge, which you love to see, and he has great size for the position. Cook used to play corner and can still play in slot if needed. This is great as the Chiefs system will make full use of this. Cook also showed great development in 2021 with his nose for the ball.

That being said, Cook has some concerns. Cook didn’t run a 40-yard dash and had a giant question mark regarding his deep speed. He is slow to react to quicker cuts in routes, and despite showing a lot of physicality in his game, his press coverage could use some work. Cook is a slight reach in the second round as most had a third-round grade on him, but it isn’t an awful pick.

There was also a run on safeties in Round Three, so Cook certainly wouldn’t have been available at pick 103. I would have liked to see the Chiefs shore up the defensive line here with a player like Travis Jones. Overall he’s a solid fit, and one thing is for sure, he will be a much better player than Daniel Sorensen was in 2021.

Grade: B

With their final draft pick of the day, the Kansas City Chiefs drafted Leo Chenal. Last year Nick Bolton took the league by storm as a rookie, and Willie Gay also showed flashes of greatness. The Chiefs already had a bright future at linebacker, but why not take the best player available when the opportunity presents itself?

Chenal will be able to contribute immediately to special teams and can be a dominant-run defender from Day One. Chenal may also be the best blitzing off-ball linebacker in this class. He also has all of the tools to become an elite three-down linebacker. Leo Chenal is the most athletic linebacker in this entire draft class and has plenty of time to develop his coverage skills.

As mentioned, Leo Chenal, in his current state, is a major liability when it comes to pass coverage, whether it be zone or man. Despite his athleticism, his play recognition and route covering abilities leave a lot desired. Like almost all of the Chiefs draft picks this year, Chenal is still only 21 years old, and he has much to learn.

With Nick Bolton and Willie Gay leading the charge, Leo Chenal has the perfect opportunity to hone his skills and develop into an elite linebacker. Even though the Chiefs still need more help for the defensive line, the value of this pick was too good to pass up.

Grade: A+

How would you grade how the Chiefs drafted on Day Two of the 2022 NFL Draft? Leave a comment down below to join the discussion.

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