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Chicago Bears Owner Renews Ownership With Help From Teammates

The Green Bay Packers take on the Chicago Bears twice every year in the NFC North. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has made it his mission to beat Chicago every time they meet and salute Bears fans as the owner. In Week 14 of the 2021 NFL season, Rodgers was heard telling Bears fans that he owned them after a 45-30 primetime victory. Hilariously, Wikipedia had listed Aaron Rodgers as the Bears owner for a brief time before it was reverted back to Virginia Halas McCaskey.

Who says Wikipedia is not a reliable source? @packers @bears @AaronRodgers12 — Bryan Polcyn (@bryanpolcyn) December 13, 2021

What Went Wrong For The Chicago Bears?

Chicago started hot against the Packers with a 10-0 score to end the first quarter. Kicker Cairo Santos led off the scoring with a 40-yard field goal. After the defense shut down the Packers, quarterback Justin Fields rushed to the right for a 55-yard touchdown run. After the first quarter is when things started to go downhill. Running back David Montgomery did have a seven-yard touchdown run in the second quarter, but Santos missed the extra point. Besides a field goal in the third quarter, Santos was the Bears’ only second-half scorer.

With Darnell Mooney on injured reserve, Chase Claypool was the top option at receiver. Unfortunately, Claypool coughed up the football, and the Packers were able to recover it early in the second quarter. When the Packers took a 20-19 lead, Justin Fields tried to force the ball. He had one interception around the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter, in which the Packers took advantage and scored a touchdown. Then, with a minute left in the game, Fields tossed another interception, which was the nail in the coffin. A missed field goal late in the fourth by Santos was also costly for the Bears.

What Went Right For The Green Bay Packers?

Nothing went right for the Packers early on in the first half. It looked like the same old song and dance that Packers fans have seen all year, a one-dimensional team. It took the team a rusty first quarter to get things going in the second quarter. Rodgers, Allen Lazard, and AJ Dillon were able to string along a bunch of plays that ended in a Mason Crosby field goal. After a couple of stalled drives on both sides and a score by the Bears, Rodgers connected with rookie wide receiver Christian Watson on a dart to the endzone. The Packers trailed the Bears 10-16 at halftime.

For one of the few times this year, the Packers made second-half adjustments that helped the team. The third quarter was quiet as neither team could do much; only the Bears were able to put up three points. Then things got electric. The Packers were able to rack up 18 points in the fourth quarter, ultimately leading them to a victory over Chicago.

In the fourth quarter, AJ Dillon scored on a 21-yard run to the outside. Kicker Mason Crosby converted one extra point and added a 32-yard field goal. Toward the end of the game, Christian Watson scored a 46-yard touchdown run. After the Watson touchdown, Aaron Rodgers passed to tight end Marcedes Lewis for the two-point score, which made it a nine-point margin. Green Bay defeated Chicago 28-19 at Soldier Field.

History Was Made With The Packers Win Over The Bears

For about the last 100 years, the Chicago Bears held the most regular season wins in NFL history. Well, there’s a new team at the top of that list. The Green Bay Packers supplanted themselves into history as the most winningest team in NFL regular season history with the victory over Chicago in Week 13 of the 2022 NFL season. The Packers now sit at 787 wins. The Bears are still at 786 wins. However, based on the remaining schedule, the Packers should not be worried about the Bears taking it back this season. The third-placed team on this list is the New York Giants at 713 wins.

Green Bay Packers – 787 Chicago Bears – 786 The #Packers now have the most regular-season wins in @NFL history! #GBvsCHI | #GoPackGo — Green Bay Packers (@packers) December 4, 2022
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