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Chicago Bears Find Intriguing Trade Partner For Disgruntled Player

The Chicago Bears have officially traded diva wide receiver Chase Claypool to the Miami Dolphins.

Bears sent Claypool and a 2025 seventh round pick in exchange for a 2025 sixth rounder (pending a physical).

This move was not unexpected after Claypool criticized the Chicago Bears' coaching staff. He was asked by media if he was being used right and response was "No".

My response to Claypool is how are they supposed to use you? You are a poor route runner, your hands are questionable, and your effort has been weak.

On blocking plays this year he's consistently given up his blocks to significantly smaller corners, he's been soft at attacking the ball when he is 6'4, 238 pounds. That's very similar to Calvin Johnson's frame who was a corner's nightmare for years.

Claypool has the potential to be a nightmare to cover but he lacks the effort, toughness, and drive it takes to be a good player in this league.

In the two games Claypool hasn't played in the Bears offense has hummed. Scoring a combined 71 points, 659 yards passing, and eight passing touchdowns.

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