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Chicago Bears Camp Review 2022: Is Justin Fields on his way to being an Elite Quarterback in the NFL

With Training Camp well underway in Chicago, Justin Fields has started to show some real talent at times throughout camp, but he has had his struggles. Recently he has been lighting it up, and it comes as he continues to learn Luke Getsy’s offense more and more each day, but is he well on his way to the elite tier of NFL Quarterbacks?

Justin Fields working on his footwork at training camp

Two weeks through training camp and the Chicago Bears have had quite a few talking points surrounding the team, whether it’s new about whatever the heck is going on with Teven Jenkins, (Who was back today) rookies Kyler Gordon and Jaquan Brisker having excellent camps, or who on earth will be playing out wide alongside Darnell Mooney, I think Justin Fields is the topic that should be going around the most if it was up to me. His camp started off with a bit of a shaky start as he tried to lock in with the new offense as well as the new pieces, but each and every day so far, he has continued to get better, and these last two practices have showed that.

Justin Fields Flashes on Friday Hitting Multiple Deep Balls

Friday was his best day throwing deep yet as he hit Mooney deep for a touchdown and hit Cole Kmet up the seam for a long gain. He also had a really good drill session and just looked good the entire day. It has been clear that the Fields-Mooney connection has been flourishing over the offseason, and it has looked great in camp, but it is Cole Kmet is emerging as a real #2 option for Fields, which is something that the 3rd year Tight End really needs in order to prove he was worth the draft capital the Bears spent on him back in 2020. Fields did miss some throws today, which is to be expected to be the case with the 23-year-old still in the learning phase of a new offense, kinks are always going to be there, but the flashes are what you need to see to know if he has what it takes to be elite.

Offense Looks Efficient as Fields Makes Smart, Quick Decisions

Fields came out hungry on Saturday morning as he lit it up. This practice was closed to the public, but open to the media, The 79th and Halas Podcast tweeted this:

“Overall, it was a much more efficient practice for the offense. Justin progressed through his reads faster and got the ball out quicker. Scrambled for smart yards as well. Really good day from Tajae Sharpe. He caught some tough passes in O vs D as well as the 7 on 7.”

Overall it was a much more efficient practice for the offense. Justin progressed through his reads faster and got the ball out quicker. Scrambled for smart yards as well. Really good day from Tajae Sharpe. He caught some tough passes in O vs D as well as the 7 on 7 — 79th & Halas Podcast (@79thAndHalas) August 6, 2022

It was also reported that Fields had a very good drive down the field in the 2-minute drill where he was able to make a nice throw to Sharpe to get the ball in field goal range and then got the offense to the line and spiked the ball with just a second left on the clock to set up a Cairo Santos field goal. Overall, Fields has been very eager to be given this opportunity and plans to make the most of it. He has said before he wants to be in the record book for this team, and from how camp has been going, it really looks like he could do that, whether it be this season or not, he has the mentality and the tools to succeed in doing so.

Will J.Fields break franchise passing record of 3,838 yards? – Powered By PickUp

At the end of this second week of practice, it sounds like Fields release and footwork is miles ahead of what it was at this point last year, which is a nod to what Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy has been able to do with him so far. The offense has only seemed to be getting smoother and smoother now that Justin is getting the ability to play to his strengths in this new offense, and to be doing what he has at practice these past couple days, especially without some key players practicing, is something that shouldn’t be overlooked one bit. Elite players make others around them better, and there’s no better way for Justin Fields to prove he fits in that category than to show out this year, and he is on the right path to do so.


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