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Celtics Win Biggest Losers In The NBA After New Information Came Out About The Team

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The Boston Celtics are one game away from being eliminated from the postseason and there was some new information leaked about the team Monday night.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski brought up the suspension of Ime Udoka and how the team is still unhappy about it.

REPORT: The Celtics “never got over” the handling of Ime Udoka’s departure, per @wojespn. Rockets hiring of Udoka also caused some “angst” for Celtics players. — Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) May 23, 2023

Udoka was suspended for the season for violating team policies by having an improper relationship with a staff member. Joe Mazzulla stepped in as the interim head coach for the Celtics, then was named the head coach in February, and Udoka was relieved of his duties.

Udoka was named the new head coach of the Houston Rockets, so he has landed on his feet elsewhere.

The Celtics Look Horrible For This Take

For this information to come out on how the team felt about Udoka being suspended when the Celtics were down 3-0 in the Eastern Conference Finals is just embarrassing.

Where did this report and the players feel like this when the team won 57 games and back-to-back playoff series?

They need a scapegoat for how badly they have stunk up the Eastern Conference Finals. Why don't we bring something up that happened almost nine months ago that hasn't impacted us all season? The players said they didn't accept the organization's reason for doing it and it was a wild overreaction. It is just insane.

I mean, you don't have to agree on everything in life, and the players could have some doubt about the decision but saying it was a wild overreaction is just childish.

Something bad went on with Udoka getting suspended for a year, and it even had former NBA player Matt Barnes, who is pretty connected around the league, come out with this statement.

Udoka is a giant dope and there is no defending him, He had one of the best jobs in the world for one of the best organizations in sports and he threw it all away for something stupid.

The Celtics Need To Grow Up Now

Obviously, the Celtics knew what they were doing here but the players didn't feel great about it, and that's why they are down 3-0 to the Heat. Let's just throw the organization and the coaching staff under the bus because of course the players can't do anything wrong.

I'm sure the players couldn't focus because of how Udoka was treated. Maybe the players should blame themselves because the two biggest stars on the team Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum have gone missing.

The Celtics are maybe the most talented team in the NBA but until they learn to grow up, they won't win anything. It's time to accept what happened to Udoka and if you didn't like it that's fine but it's not a reason that team has underperformed the entire postseason.


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