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Carson, The Commander

The pandemic threw my sleep schedule into a frenzy. At random hours of the day, I find myself dosing off while watching the NFL Network or Family Guy for the millionth time. Waking up is tough enough, but when there is breaking news, it makes you question if you’re still dreaming.

Adding to the already nonsensical week of league news, the Commanders acquired Carson Wentz in a trade with the Colts. They sent Indianapolis two third-round picks and will pay ALL of his $28 million deal. Wentz joins his third team in three years, only Sam Bradford has traveled the same path. 

Washington’s football team struggled to find their gun-slinger over the past few seasons. Taylor Heinicke looked to be the next man up but lacked the “it” factor other starters possess. Rivera wanted a change; he got it.

Has Wentz Ever Had “It?”

Carson Wentz went from QB1 to the number one meme across social media after the trade announcement. Being compared to Sam Bradford will cause that to happen. However, Wentz is a lot more talented than Bradford, and a lot of other passers in the NFL.

First of all, Wentz has a Super Bowl ring. Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers have the same number of rings as Carson Wentz, but their stats launch them into much higher tiers. In that Super Bowl season, Wentz was on track to win an MVP award, before an injury forced him off the field. Brady snatched the award out of his hands, but his backup would have the last laugh.

During that season, Wentz played some of the best football the league has witnessed. His ability to keep plays alive allowed the Eagles to stay in games, leading to a lot of surprising wins. Without Wentz’s miraculous start to the season, there would be no Philly special; Remember that, Eagles fans. 

 Will Wentz Have Success Commanding Offense?

The Commanders have a lot of talent in their offense. Antonio Gibson rushed for over 1000 yards with seven touchdowns in 2021, while J.D McKissic aided in the passing game, averaging nine yards per reception. This duo needs to act as safety valves for when Wentz inevitably begins to struggle. The run always opens up the pass. 

Wentz shined connecting with Michael Pittman in 2021, but once again will have to develop chemistry with a new group of pass-catchers. Lucky for him, it is a huge improvement from a season ago.

Terry McLaurin ranks as one of the league’s top receivers, totaling 1053 yards and five touchdowns. It isn’t enough to slot in the top ten, but impressive when peeling back the onion. McLaurin has finished the past two seasons with over 1000 receiving yards on 130+ targets. He achieved this with a multitude of quarterbacks. 

Also, Curtis Samuel returns to the squad after dealing with injuries for the entirety of 2021. Samuel brings a lot to the offense that Wentz can use to his advantage. Sweeps, screens, and designed runs make Samuel a triple threat, giving Wentz a swiss army knife at his disposal. He isn’t Johnathon Taylor, but then again who is?

Everyone Needs To Take A Deep Breath

Wentz disappointed fans in 2021 by choking away a playoff spot, but his numbers tell a different story. He threw 27 touchdowns for the second time in his career, while only throwing seven interceptions, nine less than he did a year prior when he led the league in the category.

The Colts gave up on Wentz too soon. Anyone in any job is going to struggle in their first year. Mistakes are part of the process that makes us our best selves. Teams are too quick to give up at the slightest sight of failure. No wonder the same teams cycle through the top ten picks every NFL draft.

It’s been a single week of breaking news and endless debates about the upcoming season. August is a long way away. Wentz may end up being the answer Washington needed. He could stink worse than a port-a-potty outside of a concert. Regardless, Carson is the commander in chief. Deal with it.



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