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Cardinals Notes Before Taking On The Ravens

The Arizona Cardinals take on the Baltimore Ravens tonight. Here’s a preview of what to watch for in tonight’s game.

The Arizona Cardinals look to end the Baltimore Ravens’ 21-game preseason winning streak tonight. In wake of the imminent game, a couple of depth chart notes changes that are worth paying attention to. There are also some notable things to look for in the game that could be indicators for the Cardinals as we move along with training camp and the preseason schedule and approach the start of the regular season.

With Kyler Murray out again, Trace McSorley is slated to get the start against the Ravens. Nor will Marquise Brown be making a start on the field tonight. But there are a few important things to watch for in tonight’s game. We’re going to want to keep a watchful eye on a couple of positions specifically, as they’re currently in a state of concern for the Cardinals. This comes as a change to the defensive back depth chart was made this week.

Marco Wilson / Antonio Hamilton

Marco Wilson has been knocked out of a starting position at cornerback by Antonio Hamilton. Wilson, drafted by the Cardinals in the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft out of the University of Florida. This is a disappointing development for the team because such a young player should be on an upward trajectory rather than losing ground in their respective position depth chart. It’ll be worth seeing what Hamilton is able to do in tonight’s game.

In retrospect, many have pointed out that the Cardinals should’ve drafted a cornerback in the 2021 Draft earlier than the fourth round, but of course, hindsight is 20-20. Regardless, the team must now make do, and hope that Hamilton is able to pass as a competent second cornerback for the team, assuming no other roster moves or transactions are made regarding the position going forward. I wouldn’t put too much faith in that.

Hamilton, who was merely a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ practice squad in 2021, figures to have his own question marks. Is his naming to the number two cornerback spot a sign that he’s made an unexpected jump of late, or that the Cardinals secondary is really hurting that badly? Perhaps this situation is a matter of two things being true at once. Either that or it’s wishful thinking. Time will be the ultimate judge.

Zaven Collins

Zaven Collins is also a player to watch in tonight’s game because of how poorly he played in the first preseason game. It isn’t just that Collins is a starter on the Cardinals defense, it’s that he’s expected to be a major part of the defensive structure. That he’s played so poorly so far has been disconcerting to say the least. He looks to improve on the first game’s performance considerably tonight and show that he’s someone the team can count on in 2022.

Trey McBride

Trey McBride will be making his Cardinals debut tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how he fits into the various offensive schemes. But the crowded tight end depth chart of the team figures to be one of the strongest offensive assets heading into the regular season, assuming Zach Ertz is able to come back from an ankle injury as strongly as the team is anticipating. In the meantime, McBride will be a fixture with Maxx Williams.

McBride had a lot of hype heading up to the 2022 NFL Draft and we’ll get the first look at his potential tonight. With a solid outing, he can do a great deal to ease some of the anxiety fans felt initially with the news of Ertz’s injury. Especially because the team went out and signed a converted offensive lineman to hold down a position further back in the depth chart. Yes, that actually occurred this week.



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