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Can Alabama Basketball Continue SEC Dominance?

Alabama has been performing exceptionally well in SEC play, with only two losses against their rivals, Auburn and Tennessee, on the road. This year, playing on the road in college basketball is proving to be quite challenging. However, Alabama has managed to maintain a record of 4-2 on the road in the SEC, which is commendable. Alabama has 10 wins and 2 losses in the SEC, with a combined record of 17-7, which is the same as Florida. Alabama will be playing against Florida at home on Wednesday.

First In The SEC

Alabama fans are curious to know whether their team can maintain their performance during the tournament and make it to the Final Four. Their point guard, Mark Sears, is the best in the nation and that they have the strongest offense in the country. However, their defense is weak and needs improvement.

Coach Nate Oats has always emphasized the importance of playing defense to his team, but they have consistently struggled in this aspect year after year. With only six games remaining, it remains to be seen if the Tide can close it out.

The Tide is scheduled to play both home and away games against Florida, with games at Kentucky and Ole Miss, and a home game against Tennessee in between. The regular season will end with a home game against Arkansas.

If Alabama can win four out of the remaining six games, they have a good chance of winning the SEC, depending on which games they win. This could also potentially lead to them being a number one seed for the second year in a row. Alabama has won the SEC before, but we haven't made it to the Final Four since 1930 - which really doesn't count. Coach Oats, it's time to change that. We cant wait a hundred years.

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