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Caitlin Clark Is The Best Basketball Player To Ever Live, And I Couldn't Care Less What People Think

The Lebron James vs Michael Jordan debate for the best basketball player of all time is over. Spoiler alert: neither of them wins. It's Iowa star guard Caitlin Clark who takes the honor. 

Clark proves night in and night out that she is the best women's player in the world, and she hasn't even stepped on a WNBA court yet; screw it; she might be the best fundamental sound player in both men's and women's hoop. 

There is nothing this girl can't do, and if this were going on in the Men's game, it would be the biggest story every night on ESPN. 

She is so talented, and you can tell how big of a talent gap there is between her and the next best college women's player. 

The Detroit Pistons should take her to save their franchise because she would be the best player on that sorry team. 

Start putting respect on Clark's name because she is a star, and every basketball fan should be watching her because it doesn't get better than her.

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