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Caitlin Clark Flopped! She Ran Into The Fan

I can't believe I have to do this because Caitlin Clark is one of my favorite players in basketball, and if you watch her play, she puts on a show every single night, but the video that has been going around the world the last 12 hours makes Clark look like a victim, but that's not the case. 

On Sunday, #2Iowa traveled to face #18Ohio State in a game that ended in a surprising 100-92 victory for the home team. Such a significant upset naturally led the fans to engage in the popular tradition of storming the court. 

We see court and field storming in college basketball and football every year, and there are usually some dumb fans that get into it with an opposing player. 

This time, it happened in Columbus, and a video shows an Ohio State fan storming the court and colliding with Clark. Clark fell to the ground and was very shaken up. 

My first reaction to this was who in their right mind would collide with the best player in college basketball, and that fan should be thrown in jail, but another video came out with a different angle on Sunday night, and Clark was the one who caused the collision. 

Look at the video. Clark starts to run over into the path of the fan storming the court, throws her arms out to make contact, and then falls like she is the victim here. 

Then her head coach, Lisa Bluder, is going off at the post game press conference talking about how Clark got taken out by a fan. I'm sorry she was the one who took the fan out; let's not sit here and keep making up false narratives that Clark was the victim in this. 

Clark knew exactly what she was doing. She saw the fan storming the court, and she was going to make a scene and make the entire world feel bad for her because she lost the game and then got run over by someone, but a good thing: another camera angle came out and shot that down. 

Court Storming is part of the game and will always be part of the game; if you don't like people storming the court after you lose, then go on the road and win the game so they can't storm the court. 

Nobody got injured here, and there would be no scene if Clark hadn't made contact first and flopped like a European soccer player. 

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